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Modern Marketing Methodology

I enjoy reading Hubspot’s marketing blog as a resource for easy-to-read tutorials, checklists, e-books, what-have-you. Plus, Dowitcher Designs is a Hubspot Partner. So I was a little surprised that they hadn’t created their own graphic depicting modern marketing but honestly the infographic they shared from Olive & Co. says it all.

What defines the modern marketing experience? What are those foundational elements – the essential principles – of marketing? Marketing basics often include building a kick-ass website, sending out a series of eye-catching emails, posting to various social media platforms, and spending a little advertising money. Stop and ask yourself about the motivations behind a marketer’s decisions and the guiding principles behind daily marketing activities.

Today’s successful marketers aren’t robotic, automated cogs in the machine. We don’t simply go through the marketing motions, checking items off our lists. As much as I cringe re-using the word ‘holistic,’ modern marketers do take a “holistic, adaptive approach” to their work. The user experience is of utmost importance to modern marketing. Marketers care about the personal touch and making sure the user feels connected to the company. And with a constant ear to the ground for changes in technology and tactics, marketers are able to adapt and build an amazing brand experience. With this approach, real results can be reached.

Take a look at the below infographic, which shows key data to support this modern marketing methodology, and see how it’s all about connectedness, optimization, adaptability, measuring/analyzing, technology, and strategy!


modern marketing
Source: Olive and Company

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