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New Year, New Social Media Presence!

It’s officially too late to be greeting people with “Happy New Year!” (and yes, I think you’re a monster if you still have your Christmas tree up.) However, it is a new year and what better way to start it off than with an updated, fresh digital presence? Can you remember the last time you/your social media management team took a good hard look at all your business’s social accounts? You know, to make sure all the information is accurate, that there is an up-to-date logo, a current mission statement, the right contact methods, what have you. Considering how much time people spend on social media daily, it’s funny that many of us find ourselves too busy to update or improve our profiles.

In between making business plans for the rest of the year, getting budgets approved, and juggling all your daily tasks, take the time to brush off the cobwebs of your social media accounts by making necessary updates.

Here are a few quick and easy things to do to freshen up your social profiles for 2022:

Update cover images

It’s likely you’ve had the same Facebook cover image up for quite some awhile. Maybe you’ve rebranded your company in the last twelve months. So take this time to swap your current cover image out and replace it with a snazzy new image that reflects any branding changes. Do so on your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, too. (And, it probably goes without saying, if your logo has changed swap it out, too.)

Keep in mind that image dimension recommendations may have changed since you last uploaded a photo! Every social network provides the optimal image sizes when uploading – trust that they know what will look the best across devices.

Rewrite business descriptions

Be it a non-profit organization or global corporation, it’s sloppy not to have a strong business description. Get rid of irrelevant information. Businesses often evolve throughout the year so update your bios to reflect who you are now, what you do, and who you serve. Take the time to make sure all fields in a bio are filled out. Leaving fields blank is unprofessional and lazy. Strengthen your social profiles by updating the About sections.

Highlight new offerings

It’s a new year and your company likely has a few tricks up their sleeves – a new product, service, or location perhaps? Be sure to highlight these things to showcase what you’re doing differently this year and what new things your customers have to look forward to.

Check details for accuracy

Your entire web presence will be stronger if you convey consistent information across the Internet. That means using the same grammar, tone, spelling, and punctuation across all your brand’s social media platforms. It also means using the same photo and name or handle across networks. Consistency is key for recognition and searchability.

Publish fresh content

There’s nothing consumers like more than delightful new content! If you haven’t already, draft up a lovely little content strategy and calendar and get to creating! Publishing content that’s a bit different than what you did in 2021 (maybe more infographics? more BTS posts?) will attract and delight prospects.

~ ~ ~

There you have it! A few ideas for kicking off the new year by refreshing your marketing and giving your business social media profiles a quick image makeover. (It’s also a great time to revisit and revamp your personal social profiles.)

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