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The Numbers Behind Twitter Success for Businesses

I don’t think it’s a too bold of a statement to say that over the past few years content marketing has become synonymous with marketing on the whole. About 90% of marketers currently use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy and around that same percentage of companies use social media for their content marketing tactics. Most businesses are active across multiple social platforms but Twitter has always stood out as a crucial tool for sharing content for B2B or B2C businesses.

For awhile, I didn’t “get” Twitter, particularly for personal use. Why would anyone care if I tweeted “Going to get coffee! Iced or hot?” followed by “so many pastries, so little time.” Do people really need to know every little detail about my day-to-day activities? But it soon became clear that, personal feelings aside, Twitter is a great tool for businesses to get relevant content to their target audience. But Twitter can be overwhelming at times. From figuring out which hashtags are most appropriate for your business to running a Twitter ad campaign, there is a lot to learn. Even once Twitter strategy is mastered, marketers (or is it only me?) are left with a feeling of, “Does it work? Are all my efforts for not? Show me the numbers!” (We <3 data) Which is why I was beyond thrilled when I stumbled on Hubspot’s recent infographic that visually shows stats that go a long way in answering these questions. Take a look at! Do you still have Twitter trepidation? I definitely would like more numbers to look at but I think the information presented is a great starting point.


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