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Our Process

Our approach makes us different.

We don’t just want to create your logo, website, or marketing plan — we want to work with you and see each project reach its full potential. We care about our clients, and form long-term relationships built on open communication and trust. Good design and marketing deliver results. We can work with clients on any phase of our process. Sometimes we start at the strategy phase and work our way through, other times it’s appropriate that we start with a brief strategy plan and move into marketing. Our process provides us structure and allows us flexibility.

For new projects, we start with strategy.

We discuss what you are looking to accomplish, review what you have done (if applicable), and develop a strategy to proceed. This could be as big as a corporate strategy or agenda items for a board’s strategic planning meeting, or as small as discussing the best approach to a new design. We like to think through projects and develop clear goals and action items before we even lift a pixel. Learn more about our strategy services.


This is the fun part! We create a design for any project, based on client needs, marketing strategy, and/or our combined visions. Whether a logo, website, print collateral, or other branding, the results of the design process will be responsible for creating your brand’s first impression. Check out our design services.


Whether we have designed a new site or we’re looking to make updates to an existing web or print work, the development stage is where we get into the nuts and bolts of the project. We know what we’re there to do, and we’re ready to do it. Read more about our development options.


Too many companies ignore this crucial area. We understand that good design feeds into marketing, and that a visually pleasing design that doesn’t work for marketing purposes isn’t good design at all. We want you to succeed, and we have the tools to help. We may move directly into the marketing stage, or enter the marketing stage while completing a brand refresh or after developing a new site. Learn more about our marketing experience and successes.


Know what’s working (and what’s not) to make sound business decisions. With an array of data opportunities, we analyze key metrics to gauge success based on our initial strategy. Ongoing analysis directly feeds back into our strategy. These results inform future work and provide the foundation for us to adapt campaigns. Discover more analytics and reporting options.