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Pick A Font [Infographic]

We have entered an era where great fonts are available for us to use instantly through tools like Google font and Adobes Webkit. Most of the fonts available for us work across browsers and across media – and they are just a click away. This gives us great opportunity to pick the perfect font for everything we create, be it blogs, websites, magazines, emails or books.

The question, though, is this: How do we pick? Should we pick the most popular, the biggest or the coolest font?

Making the best choice can be overwhelming but the truth is, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. Knowing what works for headers, for body copy, for print versus web will give your marketing a polished and neat look.  This detailed infographic from Creative Blog  provides great guidance when it comes to picking out fonts that reflect both you and your media.

Look it over and tell us what fonts and typefaces you favor in the comments!




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