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Pinterest for Creative Pros: 2020 Updates

Pinterest isn’t for every business, but it can be crucial for businesses that rely on visually-appealing content. This isn’t a secret for relevant companies – of the 200 billion pins on Pinterest, majority are brand or product-related pins.

Pinterest is a great platform to reach your target market with content when they are researching and comparing products or services – people are naturally more open to try new products or services when they are in the ‘idea creation’ mindset that Pinterest stimulates. Wondering if engaging with Pinterest users is valuable to your company? 8/10 Pinterest users have bought products based on the brands present on Pinterest. That’s because the smartest aesthetics-focused companies put painstaking care into creating a picture, story, and lifestyle that is irresistible to curious viewers. 

With how many pins you need to compete with, staying up-to-date with Pinterest best practices and functionalities is a great way to stand out above the crowds 

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Pinterest best practices in 2020

Image is Everything

Did you know that 99 percent of pins on Pinterest contain an image? It’s no secret that Pinterest is an incredibly visual social network, and a well-chosen and cropped image the most crucial aspect of a Pinterest post. Pinterest prioritizes images that are:

  • Using the ideal Pinterest dimensions  of 1000 x 1500 pixels
  • Incorporate bright colors and a visually appealing design
  • Shape the image design to your Pinterest demographic – while Pinterest isn’t just for women, 7/10 active Pinterest users are female.

Sometimes, what you think is the best image for grabbing the attention of your audience falls flat. Have no fear – a very common and great Pinterest practice is creating multiple pins to the same source. If you create evergreen content, it’s not a bad strategy to test out a few or even several images to engage viewers enough to click and engage. This practice is a very easy form of A/B testing – it increases your chances of gaining traction and helps you learn more about what image strategies delight your audience.

Timing is important

Pinterest, like many social media platforms, wants you to keep a consistently active profile. The more regular and strategic you post to Pinterest, the wider the reach your posts are likely to get. It’s important to know that going radio silent for a couple weeks and then posting several posts all at once doesn’t cut it for keeping an active profile. It’s much more beneficial to post during the times that your audience is most active on the platform. The highest engagement on Pinterest happens on Mondays and Saturdays. 

New Pinterest updates for 2020 

Pinterest shops 

Pinterest Shops is a new dashboard curated by Pinterest that showcases the profiles and products of small businesses for pins that all promote purchasable items. These pins may promote multiple items in one image that all come together to make for a beautiful outfit, room, or beauty look. 

Pinterest Shops can be organized into different groups, so you can keep your product categories separated and make it easier for individuals to peruse related products. You can create up to eight featured Pinterest shops and pinners can search, view, and purchase off Pinterest shops from any platform they please. 

Pinterest stories 

Story pins offer new opportunities to share your ideas, tips, and products with up to 20 pages of images and text. You can add comments or photos to a Story Pin just like you would any other Pin. You can also save Story Pins to your boards, to go back to later. Pinterest stories are great for walking your audience through step-by-step processes, like how to make the perfect scone or how to create a modern flower arrangement. Whatever you decide to add to your story, you can’t go wrong with offering inside tips, advice, or examples of success relating back to your industry.

Today Tab on mobile 

The latest trends are in! Pinterest introduced a Today Tab, a source of daily inspiration with curated topics and trending Pins that makes it easy to explore popular and timely ideas. Each day will showcase new ideas, styles, trends, advice, and entertainment that is fresh, recent, and timely. 

Pinterest Partners

Pinterest Partners is a new opportunity for those looking to grow their audience and conversions through upping their Pinterest game. The new page lists out all the third-party assets that have Pinterest-specific offerings from video and image editing services to freelance opportunities. Every partner is vetted by Pinterest and trained so they offer the most accurate and updated advice for Pinterest Success.

Social media communication is only successful when your consumers know you’ll put in the effort to engage them. If you need help getting your marketing strategy in fighting shape, reach out to our team! 

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