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Pinterest Introduces Analytics for Brands

New Pinterest analytics track a variety of metrics, including pins, repins, impressions, and clicks.

Pinterest recently added new functionality in the realm of analytics.

Available for business accounts, Pinterest’s web analytics will measure pins, repins, impressions, and clicks over time. Now brand owners can more accurately measure and track numbers such as how many people are pinning from their websites, how many people are seeing their pins, and how many people are clicking their content.

Perhaps more importantly, however, brand owners can measure what pinners like in terms of popular content: what’s been pinned most recently, what’s been repinned, what content has collected the most clicks, and what else people are pinning alongside their pins.

The most key aspect of having access to analytics isn’t the numbers, it’s the trends. Businesses that are paying attention can glean insight into what makes their chief demographic tick. By deftly tailoring their content as tastes change accordingly, brands can stay in tune with what clients and prospects like — and potentially reach even more people.

It’s important to note that, although the data they collect is significant, the analytics Pinterest is now offering are on the basic side. Third-party analytics platforms like Curalate and Piquora provide deeper, broader data analysis and won’t be threatened by the new native analytics. Still, the tool adds inherent value for brands and positions Pinterest to better serve businesses — not to mention sets the social bookmarking network up for monetization opportunities down the line.

For now, however, the new analytics features remain free. Businesses simply need to have verified their websites and need to have switched to the new Pinterest layout in order for analytics to work.

Does your business have a Pinterest account? Are you planning on using the native analytics tracking? Let me know in the comments below.

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