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Plan an Earth Day Marketing Campaign

Happy Almost Earth Day! 

If you are finding fun ways to tie Earth Day into your annual marketing campaign, you’re already doing something right. Earth Day is the perfect time to reflect on how your company impacts our communal home. If you already do a lot to keep your carbon footprint small, it’s a good time to promote your great habits. If you have room for improvement as a company, it’s a great time to make a pledge and set specific goals you plan to stick to. Either way, taking some time to focus on how your company can do better by this world is a great way to show your audience that you care about more than conversions.  

Download our checklist of 30+ ways to promote content here.

Before you start: 

We know it can be slightly awkward to bake in an Earth Day campaign if your company isn’t centered around green products or services. But with the right plan, an Earth Day campaign is relevant to any company. 

Highlight and prioritize green causes that are most closely related to your company goals. A fitness company may focus on cycling over driving, or a computer software company may focus on reducing energy usage. Since we all live on this planet, we are all connected to the many causes that can impact our global health! 

Make sure your company is walking the walk if it’s talking the talk. Posting an image in support of Earth Day is a good start, but you won’t be seeing any return from that content unless you’re willing to put in the work. Make sure your message is connected to a cause, a call to action, a company pledge, or whatever proves that your company cares past a social post.  

It takes a village to make an impact, so involve your team in your campaign! Run a contest, share a challenge, or host an internal event, where you can share the results or aftermath with your audience. This not only shows that you want to improve your processes internally and externally, but also showcases your amazing team – which is a great way to humanize your company. 

Use the tools at your disposal 

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to have great earth day content – The Earth Day Movement has a lot for your company to build off of. Use the content as-is, or use it to create something more branded to your company.  

This year’s Earth Day Tool Kit includes:

  • Event Ideas 
  • Graphics 
  • Social text 
  • Information on annual global campaigns to promote 
  • Key messages for the Annual Earth Day visions 
  • Op-ed guidance 
  • Letters to the Editor guidance 

To get the latest information, advice, tips, and ideas straight from the Earth Day Movement, you can also become an Earth Day partner. The organization will send you all the information you would ever need in real time – so you can be prepared for next year! 

Create Meaningful Earth Day Content 

While the Earth Day Tool Kit is incredibly helpful, mixing your own company content with the provided assets will make your message stronger. Create blogs that relate to both Earth Day and your company goals (like this one!), create campaign landing pages, and share how your internal company habits are thoughtful and sustainable.  

Just because it’s meaningful does not mean it can’t be fun and entertaining! Earth Day TikToks and IG Reels explaining your Earth Day tips, advice, status updates, and perspectives can be great social content to share. 

Quick Earth Day Campaign Content Ideas: 

  • Create video content on social media covering a company-wide green pledge or challenge, and check back in with status updates on reaching your goals. 
  • Run a digital gift-matching program where proceeds are donated to organizations devoted to sustainability 
  • Share how your company stays green in its day-to-day and big picture practices like a ride share program or an office compost plan 
  • “Pass the mic” and highlight organizations fighting for change through links, blog posts, or interviews 
  • Share any volunteer events your team does on Earth Day from group cleanups to fundraising events 

Piggy-back onto global movements 

A million voiceare stronger than one. So, jump into a movement that already had traction! The Global Earth Day campaign promotes and supports a few global campaigns based on specific missions, so you can choose to promote the cause that is most closely connected to your company.  

There are several annual campaigns to choose from! 

The Canopy Project:  

Give a dollar and plant a tree – the quickest and cheapest way to reduce the amount of Co2 in the atmosphere and provide live-saving ecosystems for millions of animal species.  

How you can support this campaign: 

Promote this “one dollar one tree” donation campaign by promoting the message on your website or social channels. You could even incentivize donations with a gift-matching program.  

Food and Environment:  

Reduce your “foodprint” with a diet change – pledge to choose greener foods and keep the earth in mind when you choose your meals. 

How your company can support this campaign: 

Have your team take the foodprint” green diet quiz. Share your collective results as a company with a food challenge to lower your company foodprint. 

The Great Global Cleanup 

This one is a bit self-explanatory – A create group and individual cleanup events! 

How you can support this campaign: 

Set up company-wide or public sponsored events to clean up your community. This could be in parks, community streets, nature reserves, whatever is close to your company. The Earth Day organization even has an events map so you can list your cleanup and anyone who wants to find a cleanup near them can join in to increase your impact! 

Create your own impact plan 

Color outside the lines. Create partnerships to make a bigger impact with a larger reach. There are endless ways to get closer to a greener planet as a company – the only limitation is your creativity! 

The OL Reign Women’s Soccer Team is a great example of finding a connection between their company and cause, and then finding the right partnerships and message to create a relevant impact. This NWSL team travels a lot – so minimizing single-use plastics during these travels is a great way to reduce their carbon footprint. They partnered with local sustainable companies to create zero waste kits their team can use, and ask their followers to do the same.  

By tailoring their message to their company, finding the right partners, and creating a strong call to action for their followers, this Earth Day campaign has the potential to make a real impact from their team and beyond.  

Dowitcher Designs is a proud advocate for the environment. The name of the company, in case you don’t know, is inspired by the owners’ love of nature, in particular California’s beaches and shorebirds. Want to learn more about our eco-friendly services? Check out our offerings: Green HostingEco-Friendly Printing, and more sustainable options. 

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