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Questions to Kick Off a Rebranding

kick off a rebranding

B R A N D I N G: It’s the work you do to influence the way your organization is perceived. Align your internal identity and external image and you’ve got one seriously powerful brand.

Looking to change up your company’s image? Many folks might feel that change is not necessary or they’ll feel a strong attachment to the existing name, logo, mission. But every so often, a rebrand is necessary to reboot and reevaluate your company. Rebranding is more than a logo change. It’s more than a set of new graphics for social. And it’s more than a redesigned website. A new logo, marketing materials, and website are certainly a large part of a rebranding campaign but they’re not the entire thing. Rebranding a company or organization requires completely rethinking the way you operate, the products and services you offer, and reimagining the business model.

Rebranding is a huge, dreaded task. But if your organization has outgrown its identity and needs to modernize, then it’s time for some level of rebranding. Plus, I’m here to tell you once and for all that rebranding doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, building a brand and a whole new identity should be fun! But when, why, and how do we do this? Here are a few rebranding considerations to kick off the process:

Questions to Consider to Kick Off a Rebranding Process

  1. Why are we here? What brought this about?

  2. Where have we been?

  3. What is our brand’s story?

  4. Where are we going? What is our future story? What are our goals?

As you can see, a bit of introspection is necessary. Take a look at your organization’s past, examine where you currently are, and decide who you want to be going forward. Ask yourself who you are as a brand, what you’re best known for, and if that matches with how you want to be perceived. Create brand personas.

Once you’ve looked inward, you must then look outward. Study your competitors’ branding. What works for them? What doesn’t?  Do your due diligence; brand and market research is very important.

Setting your company apart from the rest helps you reach all the potentials (customers, clients, donors, employees, board members, ambassadors, influencers, etc.). And setting your company apart from all the others starts with great (re)branding. Rebranding can be a challenging overhaul for any company so be sure to ask yourself the questions listed above before diving in.

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