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Social Media Marketer, Create a Content Calendar

I constantly run across articles and infographics that promise to illustrate the absolute best times for posting on various social networks. I’ve even heeded certain bits of advice, hoping that if I can master timing engagement, reach, etc. will go up. But what I’ve found is that there is no one right answer to the question of timing. You have to experiment and try multiple variations until you find what works best for your clients or your own company. And it definitely varies business-to-business. But one thing that doesn’t change from client-to-client is the need for a strategy and for organization. I always begin with a social media calendar.

As a social media strategist you understand the nuances of each social media platform and how content has to be carefully crafted for each one. But juggling numerous social accounts and creating unique branded content for each can be a taxing task. Social media calendars are a great way to help promote high quality content, curate content, consistently publish posts, and stop wasting time.

This infrographic from Quicksprout’s Neil Patel takes an in-depth look at what you’ll need to get started.

Creating a Social Media Calendar

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