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Social Media Resolutions for 2017

Social marketing really took off in 2016. Snapchat began to be taken seriously as a marketing tool. Facebook continued to prove itself as a powerful platform (despite fake news and metrics problems). Live streaming and chatbots grew popular. The boom in TV-esque content and the prevalence of social news raises many questions but further cements the importance of social. Overall, we saw how the influence of social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat has expanded.

As 2016 ended, brands began to re-evaluate and improve their social media strategies. So what things should marketers be doing, if they’re not already, in 2017?

I happened upon this infographic from tailwindblog that lists 10 social media resolutions to help you stay on track. My favorites? Or rather, what I find to be the most important tasks for marketers in the coming twelve months?

  • Mastering mobile marketing (it’s a mobile-first world)
  • Optimizing posts for different platforms (each social channel has its own personality and requirements)
  • Making your posts move (video will increasingly prove a valuable content format)


social media resolutions 2017


Some of these might sound a bit easier than they really are so drop us a line if you’re ever in need of social media help.


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