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Social Wars: the Battle Between Facebook and Google

Do you like Star Wars? Do you use social networks?

Even if you answered “no” to one of those questions, you’re in for a treat.

I recently came across a brilliantly designed infographic from Majestic Media that analyzes the numbers Facebook and Google have been putting up in an attempt to answer the eternal question: who’s winning?

To comedic effect, the graphic riffs on a Star Wars poster, casting Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg as Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, and Google’s Eric Schmidt as Darth Vader. Whomever plays the villain doesn’t really matter — both Google and Facebook have been called evil by critics — but you have to agree that Eric Schmidt’s got the face for a bad guy.

It’s not a clean contest between the two, because the Empire of Google encompasses different social networks with their own micro universes of users — we’re talking about Google+ and YouTube, of course. If we lumped these under the same umbrella, Google would win it all. Still, it’s an interesting look into how deeply entrenched these platforms are in our lives.

Who won in some categories:

  • Reach of All Internet Users (per month): Google (at 45% versus Facebook’s 43%)
  • Most Popular for Distributing B2B Content: Facebook (at 80% versus YouTube’s 61%)
  • Unique Visitors (per month): Google (at 173 million versus Facebook’s 152 million)
  • Total Active Monthly Users: Facebook (at 1 billion versus YouTube’s 800 million)

Scroll down to see the infographic for yourself! Then let me know which networks you think you use most often.


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