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Storytelling Chapter 2: Profiling Employees

profile employees

One of the many storytelling techniques I mentioned in Chapter One of this series surrounded profiling employees. In part to increase your brand’s authenticity and in part to add a sense of personality, introducing your team can be a great way for interested parties to get to know you and to understand who you are and what you stand for.

Using Dowitcher as an example (yes, I’m biased), let’s dive into one possible way to profile employees. Recently (well, relatively) we decided it would be fun to create a series of pictograph portraits that introduced various Dowitcher Designs team members. Without giving away social security or cell phone numbers, we shared a few insights into the people behind the magic –  a few of our favorite things and some of the tools of our trade.

As you can see in the below graphics, many of us enjoy wine and dogs. It’s practically a job requirement, judging by the images! You can learn even more about us on the Our Team page.

Corporate websites often feature a “team” page which profiles various employees who work for the business. If you are a large global company, I don’t expect you to feature every single employee. But if you are a small to medium sized business with less than 20 employees, you can easily craft profiles for everyone and publish it on your site. It’s a great way to get your readers to know about your business and the team who makes everything happen and explain why you’re the best around.


staff-final-gina      staff-final_rosie_rosie

staff-final_amber      staff-final_jill

Profiling employees is a great way to be real and personal; sharing stories about the team behind your company will help readers connect to your brand. Pulling back the curtain just a little will reinforce the human element of your company and create a sense of intimacy with clients or customers.


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