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Why Brands Embrace the “Perfectly Imperfect”

Why Brands Embrace the “Perfectly Imperfect” Gone are the days where marketing is about depicting this “perfect life.”    What even is a perfect life? One where you use paper towels to wipe down an already spotless kitchen counter, or where foundation is applied to flawless skin?    Brands are stepping away from this tactic to show real, flawed, perfectly imperfect situations. And in the...

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The Misleading Measurements of Media Platforms

There is a big difference between getting a message in front of someone’s face and getting the *right* message in front of someone’s face. This is the difference between being skipped over and re-engaging or gaining a new potential customer. How well your current content is being perceived? You might not be looking at the right metrics to answer that question.  Many of the default metrics you see...

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Strategies that Minimize Buyer’s Remorse

Strategies that Minimize Buyer’s Remorse Last night, I popped into Lush Cosmetics because I had time to spare and love the smells that always accompany the business. Without any plans to purchase, I perused the bath-bombs and happened upon the shampoo bars. Having the average amount of green-guilt we all tend to have, I’ve always been intrigued by this little plastic-free alternative to bottled...

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The Rise of Phony Ads and How They Ruin Reputations

The Rise of Phony Ads and How They Ruin Reputations Today, my Monday morning started with a bad Facebook review for a client who claimed we spammed them with ‘crass and inappropriate’ ads. My heart skipping a beat, I reviewed our ads for anything that could be considered crass, and (of course) came up empty. Reaching out to Facebook support for more insight, they filled me in on the growing epidemic...

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How to Market Boring Products on Social Media

How to Market Boring Products on Social Media We can’t all sell shiny diamond necklaces and skateboards. But what about homeowner’s insurance? Tampons? Allergy Meds? And everything else that has always been considered a boring product? Comparing your product to necklaces and skateboards may make you feel a bit of FOMO. Keep in mind – most companies are selling boring products that are not considered...

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Apologizing Campaigns: Lessons Learned from Facebook, Uber, and Wells Fargo

What do you do when your company is in all the headlines for all the wrong reasons? For many large corporations, launching apology campaigns is the way to go. But regaining trust after a crisis can be costly. Brands like Facebook, Uber, and Wells Fargo are spending millions on advertising aimed to win back consumers’ trust. Facebook: There’s a lot of reason for people to be less fond...

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Traversing the Social Media Advertising Solar System

I know it’s not necessary to convince you of the importance of social media. What with 2.31 billion active social media users (and 1.97 billion mobile social media users worldwide), social is a very popular channel and your company is surely already active on it. Social networks constantly update their algorithms, trying to provide users with better experiences (i.e. less promotional content...

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Generation Gap: How People of Different Ages View User-Generated Content

The word “millennial” is thrown around quite a bit and many marketers are greatly concerned with how to reach this group of consumers. Which raises the question, just how do you interact with different age groups across social media? The vast majority of people use social media to talk about companies; from celebrities to friends to your mom, people take to social to discuss a newly...

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Holiday Marketing 2016 Trends and Tools

The appearance of pumpkin-flavored everything on every menu and every shelf in Trader Joe’s means one thing – Fall is finally here. (Sure, it’s 80 degrees here in Santa Barbara, CA, but I’m determined to to wear sweaters, scarves, and leggings because it’s November and I am ready for holiday weather.) With pumpkin spiced lattes comes the inevitable – a countdown...

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Have a Spooktastic Halloween!

Whether or not you celebrate Halloween personally, it’s a great holiday for advertisers. Candy, costumes, pumpkins, zombies – it’s a creative’s dream. Plus, Americans are expected to spend a $8.4 billion on Halloween in 2016. Depending on your company, you might change up your product offerings, decorate your store, get creative with images, run a photo contest, turn your...

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Changing the Online Marketing Game with Programmatic Native Advertising

“Programmatic native advertising.” Say that five times fast! Sure, it’s a mouthful to say but what exactly is programmatic native advertising and how is it changing the digital marketing game? First let’s tackle ‘programmatic.’ This got a lot of hype a few years back as automation techniques grew. MarketingLand defines programmatic advertising as: “ helps...

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What’s In The Forecast?

Image found on santabarbara.com Living here in Santa Barbara, California, the weather is consistently “sunny with a chance of sun.” Beach days are almost always in the weather forecast; sunny, cloudless days perfect for lazing around by the ocean are what this town is known for. And why this blog post ends here because I need to change my office for the day, immediately! Only kidding,...

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