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10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Marketing Agency

Want to find new customers? Build a stronger brand? Engage with existing customers? Effective marketing campaigns require careful planning; your business or organization might not have the resources to do it in-house. Hiring a marketing agency can help achieve results for your business. What do you need to know before hiring a marketing agency? This marketing agency wants to help; here are ten questions...

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What to do if you don’t know the full scope of your project

As you move into the request for proposal (RFP) process and start looking for agencies and partners, you’ll need a project scope and budget. But what if you don’t know the full project scope yet? It’s actually more common than you might think, and not necessarily a bad thing. It just means there is another step in the process. Going to an agency without a set scope will show you a lot...

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Why you should communicate your budget upfront with your agency

Not everyone’s comfortable talking about money, even (in some cases, especially) with their agencies. But leaving budget discussions off the table is a bad idea. It can lead to misunderstandings, misalignment, and worse. Let’s look at a few scenarios. Say you really don’t have a set budget. I’ve been in the room with an agency owner who, when the client said he didn’t have a set budget,...

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The Art of Conducting a Project Debrief

The Art of Conducting a Project Debrief The debriefing stage is often one that is overlooked but trust me, after a big project, there’s nothing better than conducting some sort of retrospective. Actually, a debrief is great after a small project, a successful project, or even a not-so-successful one! I’ll admit, it can be a bit uncomfortable to sift through a recent project failure. But you can...

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Understanding Your Agency’s Change Orders

Understanding Your Agency’s Change Orders Things have been rolling along with your project and all of a sudden your agency says your latest request is out of scope. You might have known that the request was a bit more than usual, or you might think it’s completely within scope (and then you’re probably frustrated). It depends on your project, the request, your relationship with the agency, and...

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