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Pokémon GO: A New Marketing Tool or Short-Lived Fad?

Pokémon fever is once again gripping people worldwide as the beloved 1990s card game comes to life for millions of smartphone users. If you haven’t heard of Pokémon GO, you’ve probably …well, actually we’re not sure how that would have happened as it has been all people can talk about (on- and off- line) for a week now. Even if you live under a rock, miles from civilization,...

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Are You Snapping Yet?

Optimizing Snapchat for Your Business We’ve written about Snapchat a few times on the Dowitcher blog but I realized, while perusing the archives, that we’ve never delved deep into how it can be used for businesses. That’s likely because, at first, it was really just an alternative social network for teens. Now, however, the social platform has evolved (as all good long-lasting...

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3 Places to Connect with Mobile Customers [Infographic]

We know that the mobile revolution has been here for quite awhile. Almost 95% of smartphone owners use their cell phones to conduct business. And 87% of consumers turn to their smartphone to search for local business information.  This makes it imperative that your business does everything it can to reach them via mobile, right? So how do you provide a great mobile experience and connect with potential...

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6 Must Have iPhone Photography Apps

If you’re anything like me, you have your smartphone within arms reach 24/7. You just never know when you’re going to receive a business call, need to look up recent news, or update your Facebook status. Right? Most recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve been increasingly using my Smartphone to take snapshots of my everyday life. I typically love to take pictures with my chunky digital camera, however...

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Facebook’s Camera App Release Confirms Instagram’s Importance

The homepage of Facebook's new camera app. Well, that didn’t take long. Rumors and theories flew after Facebook surprised us all with its $1 billion ninja-like acquisition of Instagram and now, just under two months later, the reason behind the acquisition seems clear. Facebook recently released a brand-new mobile camera app for Apple iOS that’s uncanny in its likeness to Instagram....

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