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Tag: best practices

Rebranding in 2018

It might be the right time for a change in brand identity. New year, new you, right? There are a whole host of reasons why brands might want a fresh new look and feel. What’s most important for a successful rebranding is that you approach it correctly. The first step is to get clear on what a brand actually is. Spoiler, it’s not just your logo! A brand is the sum of all messages, interactions,...

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For Better Email Performance, Keep Subject Lines Short and Personal

Email marketing is one of my favorite [marketing] topics to talk about. Not only is email still as effective and valuable a communications tool as it was decades ago, it offers numerous ways to engage with and deliver relevant content to your target audiences. I read somewhere recently that the average worker receives more than 100 emails per day.* How many of those get read? How many get sent...

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