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Keywords Out, Architecture In: And Other Tips for Improving Your SEO Strategy

You thought you were finally understanding SEO, didn’t you? Joke’s on you – search has changed. Again. SEO can be very confusing! Search engine algorithms change at such a rapid rate that keeping up with the best practices for optimizing your blog so that it ranks on the first page of search engine results (SERPs) is near impossible. But inbound marketers like us are always interested...

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Blogging Strategies: Becoming a Successful Content Creator

Blogging: not just for the fashionista millennials A blog is an asset of any strong content marketing tactic. Most established businesses know the importance of blogging. They understand the purpose of incorporating blogging into their content strategy is to educate, engage, and attract more readers and customers. Done right, a blog can help grow both your business and your professional life. Content...

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Cracking the Blogosphere

I constantly come across click bait-y headlines like “10 Must Have Tools to Level Up Your Blog,” “17 Things You Should Do To Every Blog Post Before and After You Hit Publish,” “8 Things That Hurt Your Blog,” “The Single Best Way To Get More Blog Traffic (For Free),” or “How I Tripled My Blog Traffic and Earned ‘X Amount of $$$’ In...

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