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Time Saving Tips for Your Business

Every once in awhile I run across an article talking about the “50+ Best Time Saving Tips for Small Businesses” or “25 All-Time Best Ways to Save Time and Make More Money.” Now, I love lists but these long lists always seem, well, sooo long. I’m a busy marketer and I don’t have time to do all fifty things at once to maybe save two minutes here or there....

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When to outsource your digital marketing

Many companies try to keep work internal, hiring new employees to fill positions rather than outsourcing the work. People often think of outsourcing as relocating functions overseas but it can also be done locally to maximize growth potential and efficiency. Outsourced services include finance, accounting, HR, legal, and IT but I’m here to discuss outsourcing your digital marketing. Why...

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Understanding Your Agency’s Change Orders

Understanding Your Agency’s Change Orders Things have been rolling along with your project and all of a sudden your agency says your latest request is out of scope. You might have known that the request was a bit more than usual, or you might think it’s completely within scope (and then you’re probably frustrated). It depends on your project, the request, your relationship with the agency, and...

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Is Your Brand Evolving?

Brand image and identity tie in heavily with business success. After all, the brand is the story you’re telling to engage with the audience, from tangible items like the name, logo, and website to intangible components of your company that help build a connection between company and customer. But a brand should not be a static thing; it needs to grow and adapt to match current trends. As...

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