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How to Develop a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy for Your Nonprofit

How to Develop a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy for Your Nonprofit What is data-driven marketing?    Data-driven marketing uses audience and third-party data to gain insight into donor motivations, preferences and behaviors. These insights allow organizations to develop customized marketing strategies that drive the greatest return on investment (ROI).  How is data-driven marketing different...

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Lessons in Brand Sentiment and Adaptation: Sherwin-Williams

Lessons in Brand Sentiment and Adaptation: Sherwin-Williams Last year my spouse and I bought a real fixer-upper of a house, and one aspect of the fixing-up process involves coating every square inch in a fresh layer of paint. So every other weekend we make a trip to Sherwin-Williams for supplies, and every other weekend as we pull past the sign and into the lot I think: what the heck is going...

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Step-By-Step Guide to managing online negative reviews

Step-By-Step Guide to managing online negative reviews I don’t know about you, but every time I go to purchase a product or service, I check out the online reviews. One bad Amazon review can easily stop me from purchasing a product. After putting so much care and effort into your organization, a bad review can be a disappointing sight to see. The question is – how do we handle negative reviews?    If...

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7 Key Website Metrics to Track in 2022

7 Key Website Metrics to Track in 2022 Your organization relies on your website. You take into consideration functionality, appearance, coding integrity, all to create a user-friendly website. With all of the metrics available to track, what key stats should you pay attention to in 2022? We’re here to tell you 7 key metrics you should be tracking in the upcoming year.   Traffic Sources Where are...

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Common B2B Marketing Challenges

Last year, HubSpot reported in their annual State of Inbound report that the biggest challenge for marketers is generating traffic and leads. Marketers also struggle with proving ROI and securing budget. Basically, marketers face a wide array of challenges, daily – from forming strategies to social conversion to technology integration to hiring top talent. That’s a lot to unpack in...

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Creating a Request for Proposal (RFP)

You’re ready. You have the project funding, or at least enough to get you started. Or maybe you’re sure you’re going to get the funding but you need the official documentation to release it. Wherever you are in your process, you’re ready for qualified bids and it’s time to craft a Request for Proposals (RFP). We know there are many types of RFPs. We’re going to dig into the ones we know best and...

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The Benefits of Writing a Meeting Agenda

The Benefits of Writing a Meeting Agenda Have you ever been to a meeting that quickly descends into chaos? You sit there, wondering why you bothered showing up and whether any decisions are ever going to be made. Sound all-to-familiar? Meetings are the worst. But they do not have to be! If the above scenario has happened to you, I’m guessing there was no previously written agenda. If you, or whomever...

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Lessons Learned from a Successful Startup’s Product Redesign

The following insights are nothing groundbreaking. Sometimes, though, the most obvious details are the ones ignored; the simple things are often missed. I want to showcase a company whose marketing and design aesthetic I personally admire to present a case study on lessons to be gleaned from changing things up. Meet Harry’s. It’s an online e-commerce business that boasts the tagline...

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The Internet of Things is Coming. Are You Ready?

Is it just me or is everything getting smarter? Smart phones. Smart watches. Smart cars. Smart homes. Smart offices. You can even get smart light bulbs, which I hear can do the New York Times crossword in under a minute. (I’m kidding.) It turns out it’s not just me. All of these “smart” items are part of a rapidly-growing infrastructure that’s come to be known as the...

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5 Mobile Website Design Must-Haves

The mobile revolution is here — well, it has been here for quite a while. The mobile revolution has arrived, unpacked its bags, rummaged around in your fridge, put its feet up on your new recliner, and fallen asleep with its hand in your bag of chips. Mobile’s more than made itself at home in our world, but have you made your website at home with mobile yet? There’s a good chance...

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Write A Value Proposition that Rises Above Your Competition

You already understand that a key part of marketing your business is highlighting its key benefits. But a bulleted list of benefits alone doesn’t sell anything. What sells is positioning yourself as the right choice. What sells is the promise that your business holds more inherent value than your competition does. This promise is called a value proposition. Ideally it should be very brief...

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Social Strategy: Should Your Small Business be on Pinterest?

For many of our clients, particularly small business owners, taking the plunge into social media marketing can feel incredibly overwhelming at first. It seems like there is a hot new social media platform or app creating buzz on an almost-weekly basis. Who has the time or resources to keep up with all the Vines, Twitters, and Instagrams of the world? Big brands like Ford and Coca-Cola can afford...

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