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Putting a Face on Litter — Literally

Litter mistakes happen. How many times have I reached for a tissue in my pocket only to find that I must have unknowingly dropped it somewhere? How many times have I chased a tumbling gum wrapper on a windy day only to give up after a few yards? (I still feel bad about that.) So I’m willing to forgive mistakes, but I have zero tolerance for people who intentionally litter. And increasingly,...

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Super Bowl 2015: Hits, Misses, and Fumbles

Some people watch the Super Bowl for the football. But everyone watches the Super Bowl for the ads. Like other years, there was a buzz of advertising anticipation leading up to the big game. But did this year’s ads deliver what they promised? Let’s see how they stacked up: Hits BMW i3 — “Newfangled Idea” This one starts off curiously, with a clip from a 1994 TODAY...

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The Secret Door: A Social Media Marketing Win

No doubt you’ve played with Google Maps’ Street View before. It can be handy when looking up addresses, or for checking out neighborhoods you’re interested in living in, or even for scoping out the places you used to live. But what I didn’t fully understand until recently was how limiting of a name “Street View” actually is. Over several years and with the help...

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Six Steps to Successful Inbound Marketing

Here at Dowitcher Designs we we deal a lot with matters of inbound marketing — that is, when leads or potential customers come to you. And let me tell you, success starts with careful, precise planning. After all, in order to achieve your goals you must establish them first. But being that inbound marketing is a results-focused process, it seems like many businesses just want to skip right...

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The Big Tease: Getting Us Hooked on Super Bowl Commercials Before the Game

Ready for the big commercials — I mean, game? I hate television commercials, and I’m willing to bet you do, too. They’re annoying, they’re unrealistic, and perhaps most infuriating of all, they always air much louder than the actual show you were engrossed in before the break. With my DVR, I can get around this. There’s nothing I love more than being able to fast-forward...

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When Is A Brand Big Enough To Go Small?

AMC has just released a new poster marketing the return of season five of their seminal show Mad Men – and it’s already got the design world lining up to take sides. If you’ve never before seen it, Mad Men is a dramatic series set in the 1960s at a fictional advertising agency in New York. It deals with shifting social norms, especially as experienced through the show’s main character, Don...

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