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Tag: competitive analysis

Turn [Perceived] Competitors into Allies

The black hat SEO tactics, brand name targeting on Google ads, bad-mouthing to potential clients… Oh my! Nasty competitors can add a negative tinge to your entire workday.  Wouldn’t a life free of negative competition and full of mutual support be amazing? It almost sounds too good to be true.  We suppose that, in some situations, it is. If you have a truly toxic competitor,...

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Watching Your Competition: Conducting Competitor Research 101

Did Intel CEO Andrew Grove get it right? Do “Only the Paranoid Survive”? Well, yes, sort of. You’ve probably never been so vulnerable as you are now with the Internet and the great efficiency with which it spreads data and ideas. But it’s also easier than ever to track competing companies. Often, a company’s team members can rattle off numerous competing brands. And...

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