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Tag: Conversions

Building a Better Contact Form

Contact forms are basically everywhere on the internet; they can be for anything: user log ins, email newsletter sign-ups, requests for quotes, customer support inquiries, payment forms – you name it. They give website visitors and prospective buyers an easy way to reach someone at your company. And they’re great for you, too. If you put your email address out there you runs the risk...

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Content Marketing Defined

Before I get around to answering common content marketing questions, allow me to cover the basics. Whether you’re new to the marketing game, need a fresh perspective with which to look at your marketing work, or just want to be able to explain your job to your mom, this post will help. Content Marketing: Defined Here’s one official definition, via Content Marketing Institute: Content...

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How to Refresh your Landing Pages for Higher Results

Are your landing pages not converting as well as you’d like them to? Higher conversion rates equate to more customers and more customers mean more potential for profit so high converting landing pages are incredibly beneficial for businesses. You can easily improve your underperforming landing page by fixing certain flaws. Here are six tips to help refresh your landing pages and increase...

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Click to Buy: How Colors Affect Conversions

Have you ever clicked into a web page and immediately knew you didn’t like it? Elements like layout, design, and typeface play a part in making snap judgments about a website, but usually our biggest response come from color. Color is incredibly powerful. In a few moments, color can tell us about who a website is targeting — gender, age, interests — and whether or not we want to...

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