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Tag: corporate social responsibility

Your website should have an impact page. Here’s why.

Your website should have an impact page. Here’s why. Some may think that impact pages are just for nonprofit organizations, or companies that make sneakers out of water bottles. Impact pages are not exclusive to businesses that promote a cause as their main point of existence. In any industry, you can significantly improve your brand reputation by creating content on your company’s social and environmental...

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The Right Way to Market Activism

The Right Way to Market Activism Activism can be a tricky thing to advertise. If you go too small, no one will be impacted by your message. If you go too big, critics may say that your message is unrealistic. When you go too detailed, people can pick your plan apart. When you are too general, your message doesn’t seem sincere. Because there are companies out there that create empty activist campaigns...

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How Owning Your Company Mission Statement Stimulates Brand Loyalty

This is for the people who spend 5 minutes deciding what eggs to buy based on the perceived nice-ness of the chicken pastures.  Are they free-range or just cage-free? Does the carton include information on the well-being of the chickens? Extra points in they mention they name the chickens. Ultimately, the product that wins is the one that includes a “chicken of the month”...

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Walmart Took a Political Stance – Should You?

Up until very recently, it has been taboo for any company to take on a political stance.  The veil around every piece of content has been ‘make sure it’s politically neutral’. Businesses were so scared of polarizing issues that they kept out of conversations that directly affected their industry. However, due to the recent political climate newer companies have taken...

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