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Tag: creative advertising

Why Brands Embrace the “Perfectly Imperfect”

Why Brands Embrace the “Perfectly Imperfect” Gone are the days where marketing is about depicting this “perfect life.”    What even is a perfect life? One where you use paper towels to wipe down an already spotless kitchen counter, or where foundation is applied to flawless skin?    Brands are stepping away from this tactic to show real, flawed, perfectly imperfect situations. And in the...

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Why So Serious? Fuel Social Sharing with Humor

In case you hadn’t noticed, the internet is crowded. With so much content floating around the web, a creative approach is necessary to assure your voice is different and distinctive from the rest. If everyone is playing it safe with their marketing, how will anyone stand out from the crowd? Today, with social media driving a significant and ever-growing amount of website traffic, the key to standing...

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