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Pick A Font

We have entered an era where great fonts are available for us to use instantly through tools like Google font and Adobes Webkit. Most of the fonts available for us work across browsers and across media – and they are just a click away. This gives us great opportunity to pick the perfect font for everything we create, be it blogs, websites, magazines, emails or books. The question, though,...

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And the ADDY Goes To….

Drumroll, please! The Dowitcher team is proud to announce 4 award wins from the American Advertising Federation (whoohoo!). We took home two silver awards for book and web design and two bronze awards for web and logo design. We don’t want to toot our own horn but it’s pretty awesome when our hard work and designs get recognized. Congratulations to the whole team and a special shout out to Ms. Hanna...

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5 Mobile Website Design Must-Haves

The mobile revolution is here — well, it has been here for quite a while. The mobile revolution has arrived, unpacked its bags, rummaged around in your fridge, put its feet up on your new recliner, and fallen asleep with its hand in your bag of chips. Mobile’s more than made itself at home in our world, but have you made your website at home with mobile yet? There’s a good chance...

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Top Non-Profit Blogs We Love

Driving traffic, improving SEO, establishing thought leadership — we all know blogs are good. But it’s challenging to put a good blog together, and blogs for the nonprofit sector can sometimes be more challenging than others. Why? There’s generally more information to organize and present. A typical nonprofit sector blog has a lot of categories, a lot of feature stories, and a...

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Google Has a New Logo and We All Have a Lot of Work to Do

Google has a new logo and it’s exhausting. Not the logo itself, mind you. But I’ll get to that in a minute. Google’s products — and the devices with which we use those products — have evolved drastically since 1998. It’s simply not the same company anymore. So it makes sense that they’d be ready to unveil a change like this: Here’s a side-by-side...

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Is Your Low-Contrast Design Costing You Clients?

Web design trends come and go. Do you remember the 2000s, when websites were textural? Backgrounds looked like torn paper in a scrapbook. Text tended to be blocky and bold. Call-to-action buttons were so glossy they looked wet. Drop shadows erupted in every direction, trying desperately to make graphic elements pop up off the page. A few years ago, designers decided that look was over, so they ran...

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Art Break: Zimoun’s Wall of Sound

In this new series on the blog, I’ll be taking a break from my daily to-do list to share some pieces of art that have caught my eye. I’ll do my best to pick a variety of artists and creative pieces that spark my interest and I hope yours as well! If you have any suggestions of art or artists you’d like me to cover, let me know in the comment section below, I’m all ears! For my first edition of Art...

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What is Flat Design?

In 2013 a new trend emerged; the flat design. Even though it has been around for some time, it wasn’t until Microsoft adapted this style to their Windows 8 interface that it truly became a dominant trend in the design world. The Windows 8 interface is a great example of Flat Design Flat design is what it sounds like. The graphics are flat without any beveled edges, drop shadows or smooth gradients....

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The Subtle Art of the Yarn Bomb

If you haven’t heard of yarn bombing, don’t worry. These aren’t the kind of bombs that explode – but if they did, they would probably feel pretty cozy! Yarn bombs are fun, spontaneous forms of street art – bits of crochet or knit yarn placed in unexpected places. Some think of it as “graffiti knitting.” They can be large, covering an expansive area like the side of a building, or small, wrapping...

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