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Tag: Dowitcher News

Looking Back on the Last Decade

When we first realized that 2016 marked 10 years in business (a whole decade went by, what?!) we thought about all things that have changed in the digital landscape, from iPhones to social media networks to design trends. We reflected on how much Dowitcher Designs has grown and what we’re looking forward to in the coming years. Amber touched on several of these industry and company milestones...

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Introducing Rosie, Dowitcher’s New Digital Marketer!

I’m thrilled to introduce Rosie Sullivan, the latest edition to our Dowitcher team. Rosie was up and running so quickly that we’ve kept her busy with projects and we barely had time to sit down and catch up! Next week she’ll have been on staff for one month already, and the rest of us can definitely say the time is flying. We’ve discovered many important things about Rosie,...

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Dowitcher Sponsors a Dowitcher!

So not everyone realizes our agency is named after a bird (yep, we’re that into nature), and birds of a feather have to stick together, right?! We’re proud to announce our sponsorship of an injured Long-billed Dowitcher currently being cared for by our friends at International Bird Rescue. We’d like to joke about her getting some well-deserved R&R at the spa, but turns out...

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