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Ello May Survive, But Can it Thrive?

In my last post I covered what brand-new social network Ello is. Now, I’ll review how to use it. Currently, Ello is invitation-only. Requests to join that are made through the Ello home page can reportedly take several weeks to be fulfilled, but users who are already “in” are given a limited number of invitations to send to their friends — and I was lucky enough to have a...

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Hello, Ello: An Ad-Free Social Network Has Arrived

First of all, you should know how hard it was not to open this post with a chipper Dickensian or Beatles-esque “‘Ello!” Bad British accents aside, you’ve likely heard a bit of a buzz over the past few weeks about Ello, the newest social network in town. And if you haven’t, get ready to hear more. Ello was a private network with under 100 users until it went public...

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