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TinyLetter: Email Marketing Minus the Selling

I’m curious. How many TinyLetters arrive in your inbox every week? If you’re currently picturing a particularly diminutive piece of mail you must read with a magnifying glass, then maybe we need to back up a step first. TinyLetter is an email marketing platform developed by the same folks behind MailChimp, but the similarities stop there. There are no specialized templates to choose...

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Where Have Your Emails Been? The State of the Email Client Market Share

Sometimes things change so fast that it can be hard to see them happening. This is especially true for email marketing, where the changes seem to come at a 100-mph pace. 2013 was an especially big year for email. Hotmail was finally replaced by Outlook.com, and the introduction of Gmail’s tabs turned email marketing on its head — among other significant moves. That’s why I’m...

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Get Responsive With Your Emails Or Get Left Behind

Email is going “responsive,” but don’t expect it to start talking back to you just yet. Even as website development has rapidly evolved over the years, email has stayed notoriously, stubbornly stuck in 1999. Why? Because of the idiosyncratic methods that individual email clients — Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, Apple Mail, and so on — use to render emails for viewers. In plain...

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Social Sharing Equals Success in Email Marketing

Social media is over-hyped. I get that. It feels like you can’t open a marketing email anymore without seeing buttons urging you to share the email content across social media channels. Sharing buttons seem so ubiquitous, one starts to wonder if they’re even effective. Have they simply become visual noise that people have learned to ignore on their screen, like display or text ads? GetResponse...

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What the Obama Campaign’s Email Marketing Taught Us – And What It Didn’t

Have you ever received an email with “Hey” as the subject line? I’m sure you have. From a close friend, right? Or maybe your partner, wondering if you can stop at the grocery store and pick up a few things on the way home. But have you ever gotten an email with “Hey” as the subject line from an official company, organization, or public figure? Say, perhaps, the president...

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Email’s Going Mobile: Can Your Marketing Keep Up?

We take a lot of pride in doing things the right way. Yet unfortunately, with marketing emails, there are many ways things can go so very, very wrong. From myriad differences between browsers, to differences between mail clients, to differences between computer operating systems, building a proper email template sometimes seems akin to working on a bomb — you get the sense it could blow up...

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Who Broke My Email!? An Explanation

Ever received a marketing email that looked… off? Sure you have. Gaps between images, hyperlinks rendered nearly invisible against a background color, strange spacing around the text. We’ve seen it all, and you probably have, too. Who’s to blame for these goofs? In a lot of instances, individual email clients can wreak major havoc on an email — certain elements tend to display...

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