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Tips To Increase Email Engagement

Back in 1978, the first marketing email was sent out by one Gary Thuerk, Marketing Manager at Digital Equipment Corporation. Gary sent an email to approximately 400 people promoting DEC machines and, while it did lead to a spike in sales it also led to the term “spam” – unsolicited, unwanted mass messaging. Despite its spammy reputation, email has made a name for itself as an...

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Email Design Trends: 2017 is the Year of Interactive Emails

For about a decade, the technology behind email didn’t change much. But the last five years or so have seen a quasi-revolution in email marketing. Marketers knew that email has one of the strongest (and easiest to track) ROI and they began to see even more return when they leveraged technology that was inline with messaging being distributed across multiple channels. The world went mobile...

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How to Optimize Your Welcome Emails for More Conversions

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing emails, it is important to take a fine tooth comb to your tactics to be certain you’re optimizing for every possible opportunity. One type of email that is easy for marketers to overlook—because they seem so generic—are welcome emails. These emails are often sent after a visitor to your website signs up for your online newsletter...

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