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The Year of the … Mermaid Emoji?

Have you seen the new emoji for 2017 yet? I have to say that on the whole they’re a bit weird. Many of them are also exactly what the world needs right now. You thought you had all the emoji you’d ever need to properly communicate, didn’t you? Well, you were wrong. Sixty-nine more emoji (plus skin tone variations) are coming your way this summer! Earlier this week, Unicode, who...

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Embrace the Emoji as a Viable Marketing Tool

Before I came to use an iPhone I was stuck using semicolons and parentheses to express my joy. The second I got that emoji keyboard, oh boy, did my texting game take off. Who doesn’t need to use an alien face in their everyday conversations? Or a wrench icon? These are surprisingly useful, people! (I jest, of course. I actually prefer the crying with laughter face and wine glass.) Emojis...

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These New Emoji Will Soon Dominate Content Marketing

Now that we’ve had a little time to mull them over, tell me — which new emoji is your favorite? Last week the Unicode Consortium released 72 new emoji as part of Unicode 9. Highlights — for me, anyway — include an avocado, an arm taking a selfie, pancakes, two strips of bacon, and a tumbler glass filled with whiskey. Why does this matter? Well, let’s say you wanted...

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Should Your Brand Speak Emoji?

Forget Spanish or Chinese. It would seem one of the most important “languages” to become fluent in today is Emoji. Yes, calling emoji a language is a stretch, seeing as how it doesn’t have any words, and no one can actually speak it. On the other hand, you’ll never need to worry about taking lessons or studying — if you can understand a picture you can “read”...

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