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Should Your Environmental Non-Profit Brand Go Green?

Got rebranding on your mind? If so, you’re probably casting a critical eye on every graphic element your organization uses — right down to the colors. If the work you do is focused on helping the environment, then green just might already be one of your colors. In fact, it’s probably already one of your competitors’ colors, too. (Note: it may sound odd to say that nonprofits...

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Battling “Nature-Deficit Disorder” with Wilderness

Here at Dowitcher Designs we’re fans of the outdoors. It’s not hard to be, because living in Santa Barbara is like living in nature’s lap. You can go anywhere in town and still be only a few minutes from the ocean or a mountain trail. If we have more time, we can find ourselves in the middle of remote woods or desert in just a few hours’ drive. We’re very lucky this...

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The Subtle Art of the Yarn Bomb

If you haven’t heard of yarn bombing, don’t worry. These aren’t the kind of bombs that explode – but if they did, they would probably feel pretty cozy! Yarn bombs are fun, spontaneous forms of street art – bits of crochet or knit yarn placed in unexpected places. Some think of it as “graffiti knitting.” They can be large, covering an expansive area like the side of a building, or small, wrapping...

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Dowitcher Sponsors a Dowitcher!

So not everyone realizes our agency is named after a bird (yep, we’re that into nature), and birds of a feather have to stick together, right?! We’re proud to announce our sponsorship of an injured Long-billed Dowitcher currently being cared for by our friends at International Bird Rescue. We’d like to joke about her getting some well-deserved R&R at the spa, but turns out...

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Choosing and Using Recyled Paper

Fun paper mobiles made by Gosh and Golly // Source: http://www.etsy.com/shop/goshandgolly Here at Dowitcher Designs we aren’t printing nearly as many marketing materials anymore, especially with so many easier online marketing options. But there are still items that are necessary to have in paper — like business cards — so when you have to print, why not choose a recycled option? Many...

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