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Tag: Facebook Timeline

Facebook and the Future of Social Search

Facebook’s new Graph Search enables users to mine the vast field of social data and make connections. No doubt you’ve heard some noises over the last few weeks about Facebook’s newest product, Graph Search. And if you were anything like me, you skimmed over the initial announcement while stifling a yawn. Because at first glance it seems a little underwhelming, right? Sounds like...

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Facebook Adds Organ Donation to Timeline: How It Works, Why It’s There

As the biggest social network with over 900 million users, and the most-visited site in the US, it’s not a surprise that Facebook’s announcements gain serious media attention. But what’s all this about organs, and Facebook? Wait, what? Like a lot of the web world, we’ve been talking about why it’s there, what it does, and the potential impacts at our office, and thought...

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Facebook Timeline Marketing Tips and Ideas

Well, today is the day! Whether or not you like it, Facebook is dragging your business page into 2012 with the new timeline. We’ve been warned… we’ve seen that pesky ‘Timeline is coming – preview your page’ message. Many have ignored it, a few played with previews but didn’t publish, and now, THIS IS IT! Odds are if you’ve been following web marketing...

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