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Facebook’s New Data-Deleting Tool and What It Means For Marketers

Facebook’s New Data-Deleting Tool and What It Means For Marketers From a company you accidentally clicked on months ago to sites you visit every day, these companies have your data to use and leverage. And when I say ‘these companies’, I also mean… us. If you are a marketer or even had a hand in marketing strategy, chances are you have benefitted from Facebook collecting customer data.   Late January...

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Revisit your Audience Personas this Holiday

Oh, the holidays… Love them or hate them, they are a great time to boost engagement from a larger audience. When you use the right strategy and targeting, you can grow your audience in a way that benefits you for the New Year and beyond by looking at your audience personas. But is your company’s targeting strategy in November and December the same as your strategy in...

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Why Most of Your Facebook Followers Aren’t Going to Donate, and It’s Okay

A lot of people follow your nonprofit organization because they believe in your mission. Or they enjoy seeing some good in the world, and your feed delivers. Or they know someone touched by the work that you do, or they’re the aunt of the intern currently managing your profiles. The list goes on… The thing is, most of these answers don’t put these followers into the “want to give money” bucket....

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Thoughtful Tips on Facebook Advertising

There’s a tremendous amount to talk about when it comes to social advertising. And there’s a lot of information to dive into about Facebook advertising alone. We talk about the importance of visual identity and images on social quite a bit on the Dowitcher blog, so I’ll skip talking about the importance of the creative…for now. If you don’t think you need to advertise...

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How to Pick Better Images for Social

I’m sure you already use images across the various social platforms your brand is active on. But are you selecting the best images per platform? If you want to improve engagement on social you’ll have to think even more visually. And remember, not all social platforms have the same best practices when it comes to what is a successful image. Across the board, visual media performs better...

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What’s new in the world of social media?

The social landscape moves at an alarming pace. Let me get you up to speed with what’s happening in the world of social media. This is by no means an all-encompassing account of app updates and new features, but rather a highlight of a few things that you might want to take note of and incorporate into your social strategy. Snapchat Back in February of 2018, Snapchat launched a new, redesigned...

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Facebook’s News Feed Overhaul

In case you missed it, Facebook is shaking things up again. As announced earlier this month, the social network is altering its algorithm, and the result is worrisome for marketers. Over the coming months, Facebook will be making updates to ranking criteria, with the end goal of “bringing people closer together.” Facebook users will now see more content from their friends and family...

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Where the Teens are on Social

Over 2.8 billion people – that’s 37% of the world’s population – use social media. And in America, seven in ten people use social media. But the way those people interact with each other and the platforms they use varies widely. With audience segmentation tools constantly evolving, marketers must keep track of the numerous audiences and take note of how consumer behaviours...

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$2 Million Match on #GivingTuesday

Calling all nonprofit organizations! Here’s an incredible fundraising opportunity to double your donations.   As we’ve discussed before on the Dowitcher blog, #GivingTuesday is a movement that empowers people to come together and support the issues, causes, or movements they believe in. Entering its sixth year, this global day of giving is fueled by the power of social media. This...

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Stories, Everywhere You Look

What’s the deal with Stories? The Stories format is currently dominating social media. Remember just a year ago when you would only have seen it on Snapchat? Now, if you use social at all, you can’t escape it. Instagram copied Snapchat. Facebook copied Instagram copying Snapchat. (The Stories format is also dominant on the Messenger and WhatsApp apps.) Beyond the big players of Facebook...

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Why There’s a Growing Emphasis on Social TV

Social networks are trying to become more TV-like and transition to producing episodic content. Why? Live video is changing the face of television. Additionally, as a new research report put out by Facebook explains, TV consumption behaviours are changing. With that in mind, let’s discuss the phenomenon of social TV. Shifting Consumption Behaviours & Facebook The aforementioned research...

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Ephemeral Social Trends

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Instagram (translated, that means I spend way too much time scrolling through images) but this addition to the app came as a bit of a surprise and I wanted to fully suss out the new feature before giving my two cents. What new feature, you ask? Oh, just a handy-dandy tool called Stories. Instagram released Stories on August 2 and at first glance...

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