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Bye-bye, Buy Button? Dynamic Ads are Winning Social Revenue

Wasn’t it just a year ago that we kept hearing folks in-the-know confidently dismiss Facebook as “dead?” Well, for a social media network that had supposedly flatlined, it sure is showing strong vital signs. During their earnings call at the end of July, Facebook reported a revenue of $6.436 billion for the second quarter, up 59% from $4.024 billion in Q2 of 2015. Additionally,...

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Before You Open Another Social Account, Read This Checklist

We talk about social here a lot. It’s hard not to, because it makes up such a huge part of our marketing world. But that world changes so fast! It always seems like just as soon as you’ve gotten into a groove with your social strategy, a brand new social app shows up. Suddenly, everyone’s talking and blogging about how cool and exciting it is, and you’re wondering if your...

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Brand Pages Tumble Further Down Facebook’s News Feed — But There’s Hope

Facebook’s News Feed is shaking thing up again. The all-powerful algorithm is always tweaking, adjusting, and evolving how it ranks the things you see, in ways both big and small. And recently Facebook’s engineers announced yet another major change: this time, to put even higher priority on the friends and family in your feed. Facebook made a similar adjustment just last spring in order...

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Facebook Live Is Now Live with New Features

It’s been a long time coming, but Facebook Live is finally, fully live. After initially opening up only to verified public figures via the Facebook Mentions app last August, then slowly rolling out only to iOS users in the US, and then to iOS users in other countries, Facebook Live is now available worldwide to anyone with a phone. Facebook looking to get an edge on the competition Facebook...

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Are You Ready For Facebook Instant Articles?

Are you looking for a faster, richer content reading experience? Or are you a publisher in need of a new way to create fast, interactive articles? You’re not the only one, and Facebook Instant Articles is already on it! As of December 2015, Facebook had 1.59 billion active monthly users. Nearly half strictly use the social network on their mobile device. The purpose of Instant Articles is...

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Facebook for Nonprofits Underwhelms

Over the past month, you may have heard some chatter about a brand new tool Facebook has rolled out. Not surprising. Since 2013, Facebook has been trying to assert itself as a force for social good. In November of last year, they launched fundraiser pages and improved donate features. (See a past Dowitcher blog on this very topic!) In December, they even created a Social Good Team, dedicated to...

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Facebook Reactions: No Longer Limited by the Like

Liking stuff has its limitations. Because, let’s face it, some posts on Facebook are just plain unlikable. Say, when someone you follow talks about a rough day, or shares a sad news item, or shows support of your rival team in a championship game. And up until now you’ve only had a handful of options when you encounter these kinds of posts in your feed: Comment “I can’t...

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Facebook Unveils New “Donate Now” Button for Non-Profit Pages

Facebook recently introduced a new “Donate Now” button for non-profit pages. Essentially, this button provides a visible call-to-action option on pages of nonprofit organizations as well as in certain sponsored updates or ads the organization employs on Facebook. This new feature has made it easier than ever for nonprofit organizations to connect with people who care about their causes. It motivates...

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Make Your Mobile Facebook Profile Fancy with Video & More

Have you visited your Facebook page on your iPhone lately? If so, you may have noticed a new little video icon hovering over your profile photo. What? Does that mean that instead of a static profile you can now create an animated one? Yes. Yes, it does. And the new features don’t stop there. Facebook’s latest updates elevate your profile Facebook made a few noteworthy tweaks in their...

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Social Marketing Inspiration: Tootsee Roll Mom

Here’s a dose of real-life social marketing inspiration for you, from the least likely place you’d expect it: a dancing pregnant woman. Yuki Nishizawa and her spouse, Connell Cloyd, were about to have a baby. Bracing through painful waves of contractions in her room at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA, Yuki hit play on her iPad and… began to dance? It’s not...

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Like Farming, Spam, and Scams are Still Alive on Facebook

It’s been more than two years since I first wrote about like farming on Facebook. Now that we’re living in the future, I’d have hoped I wouldn’t need to write about like farming and other types of spam anymore. I’d have hoped that Facebook, with its mighty powers of algorithmic evolution, would have figured out a way to magically zap every malicious post before it could...

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What Facebook’s New Prioritize Feature Means For Brands

When it comes to your news feed, Facebook’s attitude has long been on the patronizing side. We know what’s best, dear. Now run along and watch this video we chose for you. To be fair, this approach wasn’t without merit. There’s a ton of content circulating in the average news feed, and some posts carry much more inherent value than others. Most folks would much rather see...

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