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Boost Your Organic Reach on Facebook

I’m a stickler for good grammar and spelling. Perhaps to a fault — but there’s no wrong in doing things correctly. And that goes double if you’re representing your business. That’s why I was initially reluctant to share this infographic on Facebook engagement from Quick Sprout with you. Because the advice is solid, but one of the very first lines uses “you’re”...

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Good Users Go To Hashtag Heaven

Hashtags are everywhere. And with good reason — when used correctly, the right hashtags can increase engagement, reach new audiences, and help marketers track campaign performance. But as we all know, what flies on one social platform doesn’t always translate on another. And what worked aces yesterday doesn’t always hold up tomorrow. What’s a social marketer to do? Ask for...

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Target the Best Social Content Length

They say more is better but I can think of several examples where that’s just not true. More dental work, for one. More time spent in line at the DMV, for another. But one example that doesn’t come to mind so easily is, well, the length of your social content. I’m not a fan of blog posts that are simply a scant handful of words and a link back to the original article, but the solution...

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Autoplay Enables Eye-Popping New Cinemagraphs

You know, media users are pretty savvy. They can spot an advertisement in their feeds and scroll past it with a quick swipe of the thumb without even registering the name of the business, let alone the message. This, understandably, isn’t what advertisers want to hear. But the truth of the matter is that even when an ad is natively placed right in the middle of our information streams, advertisers...

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Bad News for Hoaxes, Good News for Your Facebook Feed

Quick, do you remember what future date Marty McFly travels to from 1985 in the film Back to the Future II? Even if you don’t right now, your memory may have already been tested. Since 2010, multiple #futureday memes have circulated far and wide, each with the same message: today is the “destination time” that Doc Brown programmed into the DeLorean’s console. The memes are...

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Have You Created a Call-to-Action for Your Facebook Business Page Yet?

One of your first marketing goals for 2015 was to set up a call-to-action button on your Facebook business page, right? Right? Well, in case you haven’t, here’s your friendly, er, call-to-action. At the end of last year, Facebook slowly began rolling out a new feature on business pages. The call-to-action button floats over your cover photo and is meant to help you meet your primary...

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Reach Nearby Customers with Facebook Local Awareness Ads

On October 7th, Facebook announced a new Facebook advertising objective on their blog called “local awareness ads.” This new ad objective is designed to make advertising for local small business owners “easier and more effective.” A promotional video for the new feature also appeared the next day on the Facebook for Business YouTube Channel, watch it here. The announcement said...

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“What’s The Best Time to Post on (Insert Social Media Platform Here)?”

This is one of the most common questions we get from clients who want more out of their social media marketing efforts and it’s a fundamental piece of any good marketing strategy. We all wish there was a magical formula for finding the right hour and day to post that would guarantee our content receives the most likes, shares, and engagement from our audience every time. Unfortunately, it’s not...

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How #Coachella Does Social

A series of Instagrams tagged with #coachella2014. At top is a shot of the “smart” festival wristband. Other shots are geo-tagged with festival locations. You may have heard of a little music festival held in the California desert near Palm Springs known as the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Since its inception in 1999, Coachella has grown into an annual three-day, two-weekend...

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You Won’t Believe What Facebook Did to Social Publishers

There’s a good chance that what you’re seeing in your Facebook News Feed is changing. In fact, it already has. And if you’re a social publisher, the news is bad. Facebook recently tweaked its algorithms to encourage sharing of “quality” content. What does that mean? Well, it simply means that Facebook is showing you less viral content — well, less of a certain...

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What your Facebook Updates Say about You, and How Social Media is Changing Research

What do you post about on Facebook? Maybe you’re the kind to post updates about the daily details — what you ate for breakfast, what errands you ran, and what you wore to run them. Maybe you’re the kind to post only when you have brag-worthy news, like your recent promotion or the rare tickets you scored to see a massively popular band. Maybe most of your posts are about your feelings,...

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Facebook’s New “Company Town” and the Future of Life and Work

Would you want to live where you work? With the overall trend toward a better work/life balance over the past few years, it seems to make sense to eliminate the daily commute between your house and your job. But for others, that may strike a little too, uh, close to home. Facebook is wagering that its employees will appreciate the convenience. It has just unveiled plans to build a $120-million,...

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