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Where the Teens Are on Social Media — and Where They Aren’t

Do you remember the day you got a Facebook friend request from your grandmother? Facebook has come a long way over the years — from a startup network for Ivy-League university students, to the number one social network on the globe. But with that popularity has come, well, a certain element of maturity. New research from Piper Jaffray suggests that as more and more older people have joined...

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What’s Facebook’s EdgeRank and Why Should You Care?

Have you ever noticed the seemingly random nature of your Facebook News Feed? You’ll be scrolling through and notice that one of your friend’s stories from several hours ago appears at the top of the page, while a more recent story from another friend appears towards the bottom of the page. Why doesn’t Facebook show them in chronological order? Well, the system isn’t as goofy...

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Facebook versus Pinterest: Who’s Winning the Battle for Retail Dollars?

Honestly, I get a little tired of the constant pitting of one social media network against another. You know the drill: Facebook versus Twitter! Google versus Facebook! Instagram versus Flickr versus Pinterest! Each network is vastly different and it’s incredibly difficult to level the metric playing field enough to officially announce an ultimate “winner” among them. What’s...

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Who Owns the Photos You Share Online? Part Two

Where we left off, Facebook-owned Instagram suffered a backlash last December when they introduced a new Terms of Service agreement whose wording led many users to believe that Instagram would now “own” their photos and as such could sell them to advertisers. That wasn’t true, but in response to the fury Instagram changed the wording again — and this time, it gave advertisers...

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Who Owns the Photos You Share Online? Part One

Instagram and your photos. Source: designspiration.net Since Facebook announced its intentions to acquire Instagram a little over a year ago, everyone’s been on pins and needles to see what — if anything — would change. We got our first big hint last December when Instagram released its new Terms of Service, scheduled to go into effect the following month on January 19. What happened...

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Facebook to Adopt the Hashtag?

All hail the hashtag! You may have heard: hashtags aren’t just for Twitter anymore. And you, like me, may have noticed their proliferation over the past several months — Instagram recognizes them, as does Pinterest and Google+. Flickr, in fact, has recently added hashtag functionality. They appear on everything from billboards, to television commercials, to news articles, to cola bottle...

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Social Sharing Equals Success in Email Marketing

Social media is over-hyped. I get that. It feels like you can’t open a marketing email anymore without seeing buttons urging you to share the email content across social media channels. Sharing buttons seem so ubiquitous, one starts to wonder if they’re even effective. Have they simply become visual noise that people have learned to ignore on their screen, like display or text ads? GetResponse...

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Think Before You Like: “Like Farming” and the World of Facebook Spam

Cute, right? But there’s more to it than just your “like.” I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other morning when I spotted a photo of a man stopping traffic on a road to let a duck and her babies cross. The caption read, “Hats off to this man….How many likes for this man?!!!” Well, awww. How could anyone not like a heartwarming photo of a human helping...

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Mopping Up the Internet’s Muddy Carbon Footprints

Your clicks online are generating CO2 emissions. We all know the impact that cars, factories, and even our own bodies have on the environment. But have you ever stopped to think about the environmental impact of the internet? It’s true: every time you load a page, send a tweet, share a post, or “like” something online, you’re emitting carbon dioxide — CO2. A small amount,...

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Facebook and the Future of Social Search

Facebook’s new Graph Search enables users to mine the vast field of social data and make connections. No doubt you’ve heard some noises over the last few weeks about Facebook’s newest product, Graph Search. And if you were anything like me, you skimmed over the initial announcement while stifling a yawn. Because at first glance it seems a little underwhelming, right? Sounds like...

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Facebook and the Future of Relationships in Social Media

Facebook Friendship and Relationship Pages provide a “map” of your shared communication. About a month ago, Facebook quietly rolled out Relationship Pages. This means that if you’re in a relationship with someone who also has a profile on Facebook, you can now visit Facebook.com/us to see a virtual archive of your history as a couple — at least, your history as seen by Facebook....

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