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Facebook to Advertisers: Never Fear, Exchange Is Here!

Facebook is finding a new way to answer the needs of advertisers. In a well-timed response to the criticism they’ve received about their paltry advertising network, Facebook recently announced their plans to launch real-time ad bidding inside the next few weeks. Google and other companies already use this technology to better target ads to consumers. The new advertising program is called Facebook...

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In an Advertising Battle Between Facebook and Google, Who Wins?

We’ve guided many clients on their first forays into online advertising, and we’ve noticed that a lot of times folks want to jump into a network just because they’ve heard it’s popular. Well. Popularity and success don’t necessarily mean the same thing — particularly when it comes to marketing. Wordstream recently put out an excellent infographic that compares...

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Facebook’s Camera App Release Confirms Instagram’s Importance

The homepage of Facebook's new camera app. Well, that didn’t take long. Rumors and theories flew after Facebook surprised us all with its $1 billion ninja-like acquisition of Instagram and now, just under two months later, the reason behind the acquisition seems clear. Facebook recently released a brand-new mobile camera app for Apple iOS that’s uncanny in its likeness to Instagram....

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Life as a Facebook Power User: What You Should Know

It’s impossible not to be bombarded with Facebook news right now, after the pre-IPO excitement and hype, the actual public offering, and the aftermath of slide. Now there are all sorts of theories about what’s next for the #1 most visited website, and we’ll be weighing in with our thoughts, too. But first, if you missed the recent infographic on Facebook power users, you’ll...

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Facebook Adds Organ Donation to Timeline: How It Works, Why It’s There

As the biggest social network with over 900 million users, and the most-visited site in the US, it’s not a surprise that Facebook’s announcements gain serious media attention. But what’s all this about organs, and Facebook? Wait, what? Like a lot of the web world, we’ve been talking about why it’s there, what it does, and the potential impacts at our office, and thought...

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Instagram: The Biggest, Shiniest New Jewel in Facebook’s Crown

On the heels of Instagram’s much-anticipated release on Android phones last week, Facebook today announced its intention to acquire the popular application for $1 billion. Shh, listen. Can you hear that? It’s the sound of a million hipsters quietly sobbing. Is it smooth sailing or rough waters ahead for Instagram? Personal photo, taken with Instagram. Instagram, a free mobile photo-sharing...

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Facebook Timeline Marketing Tips and Ideas

Well, today is the day! Whether or not you like it, Facebook is dragging your business page into 2012 with the new timeline. We’ve been warned… we’ve seen that pesky ‘Timeline is coming – preview your page’ message. Many have ignored it, a few played with previews but didn’t publish, and now, THIS IS IT! Odds are if you’ve been following web marketing...

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Target the Best Time to Tweet and Share

The goal of social media communication is to get as many eyes on your message as possible, right? Right. We’re aiming for interaction — we want people to reply to, reshare, or retweet our posts. Otherwise we’d all be talking into a void, and the internet wouldn’t be nearly as fun and engaging. Plus the production of cat memes would drastically taper off, and then what would...

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Facebook Fans or Likes

Too good to be true -- watch that asterisk! You’ve probably seen these too-good-to-be-true offers, the ones that tell us “we’ll get you 10,000 fans in one week!” or “delivering 5,000 likes in a matter of days!” For some reason the bigger-is-better attitude hasn’t died in the social media realm. Just this week I was working with a client who forwarded me...

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Why Your Fan Base Matters & How to Grow One

By now most people recognize that having a social media presence and interacting with current and potential customers online is a good thing. You know that connecting with people on and offline is important for your business and brand. But you might not know the statistics behind having that online fan base, and why that fan base really matters. The most recent infographic from KISSmetrics shows...

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Social Media: Why You Should Respond to Negative Comments

You’ve worked hard to grow your business and your reputation, and someone has just started complaining about you via one of the many social media channels available. If Fluffy is about to post a review, it's not going to be pretty. Unfortunately, there are endless examples to draw from. In fact, they follow a formula, and you can fill in the blanks (like MadLibs… brings me back!): (name)...

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