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Leveraging LinkedIn for Nonprofits

Leveraging LinkedIn for Nonprofits LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network on the internet. You may use it to search for jobs, connect with professionals, or check in on friends’ job statuses. But are you utilizing LinkedIn for your nonprofit organization? Coming straight from the LinkedIn for Nonprofit page itself, LinkedIn can power your nonprofit in the following ways.   Hire – Find...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

A Comprehensive Guide to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising? Peer-to-peer fundraising represents a dynamic online strategy that empowers individuals to champion a noble cause by actively raising funds. Harnessing the power of your current supporters and their extensive social networks, this approach generates funds, extends your donor network, and magnifies the spotlight...

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5 Things to Know About Classy for Facebook

5 Things to Know About Classy for Facebook Every nonprofit wants to know people care about their cause. One of the most crucial ways people can do that is through peer to peer campaigns.   Peer-to-peer campaigns are grown through the passion and dedication of your supporters to reach new audiences with your message. This kind of public support reinforces community trust in an organization and strengthens...

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Last minute tips for #GivingTuesday

We’ve written about the origins of #GivingTuesday, how to plan for #GivingTuesday, and other incredible #GivingTuesday fundraising opportunities. Now, let’s tackle what to do if you’ve waited until three weeks before the big day. If you’re a nonprofit marketer you may have carried out a #GivingTuesday campaign before. If you don’t know what it’s all about or...

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Leveraging Social Proof for your Non-Profit Website

Social proof is the idea that people will follow a course of actions and thoughts validated by others. If others start to cross a street before the light has changed, it’s very likely you too will start crossing – not because you’ve determined it’s safe but because everyone around you is doing it. Humans are suggestible beings. Marketers look to social proof as a measurement...

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Quick Ways to Grow Online Giving

Did you know that online giving increased by more than 12% in 2017? According to research conducted by Blackbaud, overall giving in the United States grew approximately 4.1% on a year-over-year basis and Giving Tuesday alone grew 28 percent! Blackbaud’s 2017 charitable giving report also finds that online donations are currently responsible for 7.6% of total fundraising revenue – the...

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$2 Million Match on #GivingTuesday

Calling all nonprofit organizations! Here’s an incredible fundraising opportunity to double your donations.   As we’ve discussed before on the Dowitcher blog, #GivingTuesday is a movement that empowers people to come together and support the issues, causes, or movements they believe in. Entering its sixth year, this global day of giving is fueled by the power of social media. This...

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Design Tips for a Printed Year End Appeal

Design Tips for a Printed Year End Appeal It’s the season of giving and a well-crafted fundraising appeal is integral to any non-profit organization’s end-of-the-year development strategy. With this in mind, Dowitcher Designs Graphic Designer Gina has outlined a few strategies and tips that will aid you in creating a powerful ask that brings in more money for your organization. YOUR GOALS If you...

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Last Minute #GivingTuesday Campaign Tips

Last year we wrote a brief introduction to #GivingTuesday. With the global day of giving on November 30, 2021, we’ve got a little more than two weeks to either put the finishing touches on a campaign or put together some quick ideas on how to leverage what’s become a big day of fundraising. If you haven’t already, get your non-profit organization listed: GivingTuesday.org/join Easy win! Now on...

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Crowdfunding Tips for Nonprofits

Crowdfunding. You’ve probably heard of it. As a fundraising technique, it’s really taken off in the past ten years. Loosely defined, crowdfunding is any effort to raise funds from a large number of people. Numerous projects, products, services, and even companies would not have come into existence if it weren’t for online crowdfunding. Nonprofit Directors of Fund Development are...

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