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Tag: Google Shopping

Hello Google Shopping, Part 3: The Analysis

The way we shop online is always changing. In Part 1, we covered the old Google Product Shopping, and in Part 2, we reviewed the changes that are taking place in the new Google Shopping. Now, it’s time for some analysis. So what will come of the new paid inclusion model? Let’s take a look. The Good and the Bad Google Shopping pros: Better and more trusted product search information...

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Hello Google Shopping, Part 2: No More Free Clicks

In Part 1, we talked about what Google Product Search has been — up until now. Here in Part 2, we’ll discuss what it’s becoming. Google is in the process of phasing out free Product Search and phasing in monetized Google Shopping — in fact, it’s already started happening. Before we dive into the details, take a good look for yourself. Product Search then: … and...

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Hello Google Shopping, Part 1: Farewell Product Search

Well, it’s happening. Free Google Product Search is being phased out, and a new, paid inclusion model is being phased in. What’s Google Product Search, you ask? Fair enough. It is a legitimate question. Product Search has been incorporated into Google for so long that’s it’s become a seamless part of the search landscape. This picture will help identify the old Product Search...

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