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Tag: Holiday

Keep in touch over the holidays without being creepy

Email discounts quickly pile up in our inboxes. Post campaigns are quickly strewn together and peppered in our social streams. Even Christmas cards are stuffed in our physical mailboxes with hopes that you purchase something. Anything! Sometimes, we can all forget that the true meaning of the holidays isn’t about spending lots of money on luxury items. If you push too hard, your customers...

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B2B Digital Marketing for the Holidays Made Easy

It’s that time of year again; every grocery store is selling pumpkins, your neighbors have spookily decorated their front lawns, the air is crisper, and soon all we’ll hear in the stores is Christmas music. That’s right – it’s holiday season. This time of year is extremely busy for businesses, big and small. Larger organizations are typically more slow to move and...

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A Very Dowitcher Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving! That wonderful time of year where you pull on your largest, comfiest pants and settle in for a full day of gluttony — oh, and giving thanks for the good things in life, of course. Here at Dowitcher Designs we have a lot to be thankful for. Our clients, for one. Our lively office view onto State Street here in Santa Barbara, for another. And dessert. We really, really like...

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