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How To Achieve Visual Hierarchy

How To Achieve Visual Hierarchy Design is not solely about creating pretty things but also about effectively communicating the right message to the audience. To successfully communicate visually, designers consider three main things: typography, hierarchy, and color. Designers must ensure the font type and size are legible, that the first element you see is the most important, that colors aren’t...

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What’s In Your Blogging Diet?

Creating compelling content is a foundational element to inbound marketing but it can be difficult to know how to do that. Consistent blogging is an integral piece to any successful content marketing strategy. A company blog serves many purposes. It can improve your website’s search engine optimization, drive traffic, convert traffic into leads, and establish authority. Plus, blogging gives...

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2017 Content Marketing Trends (Infographic)

We’re just about half-way through 2017 (can you believe it?!) and content marketing shows no signs of slowing down. It continues to grow in popularity for businesses and prove that it can revolutionized the marketing landscape. The process of creating valuable content enables companies to connect with their target audience, build brand loyalty, generate quality leads, and bring in more revenue. The...

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Generation Gap: How People of Different Ages View User-Generated Content

The word “millennial” is thrown around quite a bit and many marketers are greatly concerned with how to reach this group of consumers. Which raises the question, just how do you interact with different age groups across social media? The vast majority of people use social media to talk about companies; from celebrities to friends to your mom, people take to social to discuss a newly...

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Social Media Resolutions for 2017

Social marketing really took off in 2016. Snapchat began to be taken seriously as a marketing tool. Facebook continued to prove itself as a powerful platform (despite fake news and metrics problems). Live streaming and chatbots grew popular. The boom in TV-esque content and the prevalence of social news raises many questions but further cements the importance of social. Overall, we saw how the influence...

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Modern Marketing Methodology

I enjoy reading Hubspot’s marketing blog as a resource for easy-to-read tutorials, checklists, e-books, what-have-you. Plus, Dowitcher Designs is a Hubspot Partner. So I was a little surprised that they hadn’t created their own graphic depicting modern marketing but honestly the infographic they shared from Olive & Co. says it all. What defines the modern marketing experience? What...

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Digital Marketing Terms and Definitions

Face it, the marketing industry is chock full of jargon and there are new buzzwords popping up every month. So what are the fundamental marketing terms and definitions? What are the words and topics marketers cannot live without? Looking for a quick guide to popular marketing terms? We have compiled a few of our favorites in the below infographic.     Hope this helps! If not, get in touch;...

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Successful Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

We’ve written about content marketing quite a bit before on the DD blog, from emoji domination to how to drive sales to video content marketing. Done right, content marketing drives conversions and can generate leads up to three times more than traditional marketing. But what are the essential steps to a successful content marketing strategy? What makes content great and how do you integrate...

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Talk About Type with These Helpful Terms

Most of us know whether we like — or hate — a font, but we don’t know why. Could it be those curly things on the ends? What about the way it leans, or whether the edges are rounded or sharp? When it comes to typography, most folks can’t tell an arc from an arm. Which is just fine — after all, most of us don’t spend more than five minutes in a lifetime picking out fonts. But if...

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Tips for Creating the Best Visual Content

If you’ve been a marketer for longer than a minute, you know that the more visual your content is, the better. Why? The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it does text. Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without. Tweets with images on Buffer receive 150% more retweets.1 You already knew this, of course. But what a lot of folks don’t know is...

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Multiple Screens and How We Use Them

When I was a kid, “screen time” meant huddling with my parents around the television set to watch a show everyone could agree on. If the reception got fuzzy, I had the designated job of getting up to adjust the antennae. Sure, go ahead and laugh. It was only the 1980s, but honestly, the idea of a single-screen household now seems so antiquated that it may as well have been the 1950s! Screen...

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What We Do in 60 Seconds on the Internet

They say a lot happens in a New York minute. But a minute spent on the internet? That’s when things really get crazy. Business data solutions company Domo recently pulled public information from social media, retail websites, analytics tools, and media companies to find the average number of web interactions that occur inside just 60 seconds — and the results are revealing: Americans...

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