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How Instagram’s Pronouns Option Sets New Expectations

How Instagram’s Pronouns Option Sets New Expectations We love to see large companies reacting to the desires of their customers – especially in the name of respecting identities.     A pretty common practice for many people when writing their Instagram bio is to include your name, general location, career title, and more recently, pronouns. For folks who don’t conform to traditional gender norms,...

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9 Ways to Repurpose Content on Instagram

You’ve heard of upcycling old towels into dish rags, t-shirts into bookbags, and palettes into bedframes. But what about blog posts into videos, or videos into reels? In upcycle culture, anything can be made into something even better. When you look at the content with the same thought process, you not only save your company time and money, you also create new opportunities for wins in a new revenue...

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Instagram Reels May End TikTok’s Reign

It’s happened before… just a couple years ago when Snapchat held the trophy for 24-hour story content. It seemed like things were looking up for the social media platform – it was wildly popular for Snapchat users and seemed to be the key to reinvigorating the popular opinion of the platform. Then, Instagram launched Instagram Stories, and everyone jumped on the new functionality.    With...

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5 Tips For Going Live On Instagram

5 Tips For Going Live On Instagram I am one of the millions of Instagram users that love Instagram live. It’s our first chance as followers to feel like close friends with our favorite thought leaders instead just fans. We get to see real personalities and on-the-fly reactions to engagement that is a breath of fresh air compared to scripts and plans. It’s because of this love that Instagram live...

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Your Guide to Using Hashtags in the New Year

Fact: an Instagram post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than a post without any hashtags. Why? Because hashtags are powerful. They help your social posts reach a target audience. They attract followers to your brand. They increase engagement. They help develop a recognizable brand image. Why #hashtags are important: There’s a lot of daily content on social and hashtags...

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How to Pick Better Images for Social

I’m sure you already use images across the various social platforms your brand is active on. But are you selecting the best images per platform? If you want to improve engagement on social you’ll have to think even more visually. And remember, not all social platforms have the same best practices when it comes to what is a successful image. Across the board, visual media performs better...

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What’s new in the world of social media?

The social landscape moves at an alarming pace. Let me get you up to speed with what’s happening in the world of social media. This is by no means an all-encompassing account of app updates and new features, but rather a highlight of a few things that you might want to take note of and incorporate into your social strategy. Snapchat Back in February of 2018, Snapchat launched a new, redesigned...

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2017: A Year in Review

It’s officially the last few days of 2017. (And it feels like I was writing our Top Digital Trends of 2016 just yesterday.) How is it that the end of the year always manages to sneak up on me? Well, at least it is a perfect time for reflection; reviewing the previous year is one of the best ways to prepare for the next twelve months, after all. I thought I’d take a quick look back to...

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Where the Teens are on Social

Over 2.8 billion people – that’s 37% of the world’s population – use social media. And in America, seven in ten people use social media. But the way those people interact with each other and the platforms they use varies widely. With audience segmentation tools constantly evolving, marketers must keep track of the numerous audiences and take note of how consumer behaviours...

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Stories, Everywhere You Look

What’s the deal with Stories? The Stories format is currently dominating social media. Remember just a year ago when you would only have seen it on Snapchat? Now, if you use social at all, you can’t escape it. Instagram copied Snapchat. Facebook copied Instagram copying Snapchat. (The Stories format is also dominant on the Messenger and WhatsApp apps.) Beyond the big players of Facebook...

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Ephemeral Social Trends

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Instagram (translated, that means I spend way too much time scrolling through images) but this addition to the app came as a bit of a surprise and I wanted to fully suss out the new feature before giving my two cents. What new feature, you ask? Oh, just a handy-dandy tool called Stories. Instagram released Stories on August 2 and at first glance...

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Before You Open Another Social Account, Read This Checklist

We talk about social here a lot. It’s hard not to, because it makes up such a huge part of our marketing world. But that world changes so fast! It always seems like just as soon as you’ve gotten into a groove with your social strategy, a brand new social app shows up. Suddenly, everyone’s talking and blogging about how cool and exciting it is, and you’re wondering if your...

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