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Tag: integrated marketing campaigns

Are Bike Paths The Next Advertising Frontier?

Now here’s some outside-the-banner-ad thinking for you. During the month of April PepsiCo’s Naked Juice leased a unique bit of ad space from Fair Park public park, just east of Dallas, TX: the bike lanes. Naked placed special skid-free decals bearing their logo and messaging roughly every 75 feet along the path, which ran for 5 miles. To sweeten the deal (literally), Naked occasionally...

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Why So Serious? Fuel Social Sharing with Humor

In case you hadn’t noticed, the internet is crowded. With so much content floating around the web, a creative approach is necessary to assure your voice is different and distinctive from the rest. If everyone is playing it safe with their marketing, how will anyone stand out from the crowd? Today, with social media driving a significant and ever-growing amount of website traffic, the key to standing...

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Coca-Cola Finds Online Buzz Doesn’t Boost Sales, then Defends Social Media as ‘Crucial’

So you’ve probably heard the news that Coca-Cola executives delivered last Monday at the Advertising Research Foundation’s conference in New York. Coca-Cola’s study found that online buzz did not directly impact their short term sales.   The social media world was immediately abuzz. Two days later we heard from Wendy Clark, senior VP-integrated marketing, who says social media...

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