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Tag: internal linking

Create Irresistible Link Previews

Create Irresistible Link Previews We’ve all seen them.    You’re searching through social your social feeds and you come across a link with awkward or non-existent images, boring or confusing titles, and bad descriptions.   What happens next? You ignore it and move on with your life.    Don’t be the person that posts that mediocre-looking link.    No matter how in-depth, well-written, or wonderful...

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Link Building Best Practices: Interlinking

You know by now that Google ranks pages higher in search results based on a page’s authority. For search engines, links are the paths connecting pages. Links show the relationships between pages and are a virtual vote for popularity. They build a page’s authority and improve its SEO value. Though links, engines analyze the importance of a website or page based on the number and popularity...

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