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Tag: lead generation

5 Of The Most Common Questions On Pop-Up Strategy

Pop-up strategy: one of the most controversial marketing methods out there. One side will shout they are spammy, they are annoying, they are pointless to persuading website visitors to do something. The other side will shout equally loud that pop-ups are paramount in bringing in leads and purchases.  Both sides have a point. Website visitors historically hate the older style...

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Attract, Engage, Delight Customers Online with these Steps to Successful Inbound Marketing

It’s been four years since we last posted a blog on what successful inbound marketing looks like and, well, a lot has changed in the digital marketing landscape since then. The basic tenants of inbound are still there but inbound continues to evolve. Inbound marketing is widely considered the best strategy choice for B2B or B2C companies because it is consumer driven, content rich, timely,...

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What is Integrated Marketing?

As a marketer, I’m always on the lookout for new techniques and ideas to enhance my marketing efforts. Today, I’m here to talk about why I’m a big proponent of integrated marketing and how it is a fundamental marketing strategy for delivering cross-channel messages to consumers. “Integrated marketing” has been a term used in the advertising community for decades, I’m...

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