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Implementing Your 2020 Marketing Campaign

Implementing Your 2020 Marketing Campaign There are many benefits of creating a marketing plan but just as important is turning that plan into marketing campaigns that work to drive revenue or achieve certain business marketing goals. To implement your marketing campaigns, you need a system and a strategy in place. Whether you are launching an email marketing campaign, a lead generation campaign,...

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Creating next year’s marketing calendar

Marketers, you need to here this: October through December should be spent planning for the next year. Not that you don’t have enough on your plate between creating and deploying myriad holiday campaigns and doing end-of-year reporting. But if you want to be strategic, now is the time to work on your budget, plan ahead, and create a calendar. What is a marketing calendar and why are they...

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What is Integrated Marketing?

As a marketer, I’m always on the lookout for new techniques and ideas to enhance my marketing efforts. Today, I’m here to talk about why I’m a big proponent of integrated marketing and how it is a fundamental marketing strategy for delivering cross-channel messages to consumers. “Integrated marketing” has been a term used in the advertising community for decades, I’m...

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REI’s #OptOutside Campaign: A Breath of Fresh Air!

There are few things I like better than a good hike or a challenging yet rewarding backpacking trip. So it’s no big surprise that I’ve been an REI member for many years. In fact, I remember going to REI to pick out backpacking gear with my Dad when I was a little kid. It was like a big toy store. I also learned at a very early age that those Clif bars that said brownie did not, in fact, taste like...

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