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A Comprehensive Guide to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

A Comprehensive Guide to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising? To put it simply, peer-to-peer fundraising is an online fundraising strategy that empowers individuals to fundraise on behalf of a worthy cause. By using your existing supporters and their social networks, you can raise money, expand your donor base, and increase awareness for your cause.   To start your peer-to-peer...

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Try 5 Things in 2021 to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Try 5 Things in 2021 to Improve Your Marketing Strategy Before 2020, writing a “trends for the next year” blog post didn’t feel too difficult. Now, it feels a bit naive to throw any predictions out there. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that the main trend you should act on is to expect the unexpected.    Last year, the parameters of what’s considered acceptable in your outreach felt like they...

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Essential Steps of a 2021 Marketing Plan

Essential Steps of a 2021 Marketing Plan If there is anything we learned from 2020, it’s that you always need to be ready to pivot. We’ve always known this as business owners – in past years it has been enough to understand agile marketing terminology and have backup content tucked away for rainy days.    It’s been a while since there has been a widespread pivot shift that affects the majority...

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2020 Digital Marketing Trends

2020 Digital Marketing Trends  2020 is right around the corner… and also around that corner are some exciting (anxiety-inducing?) tweaks to your marketing strategy. A major theme to 2020 digital marketing trends comes from a shift in perspective from our audiences. We are seeing higher expectations in what our followers expect from us; both in our company and in our community. So, 2020 will be...

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Keep in touch over the holidays without being creepy

Email discounts quickly pile up in our inboxes. Post campaigns are quickly strewn together and peppered in our social streams. Even Christmas cards are stuffed in our physical mailboxes with hopes that you purchase something. Anything! Sometimes, we can all forget that the true meaning of the holidays isn’t about spending lots of money on luxury items. If you push too hard, your customers...

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How The Daily Wins At Relationship Marketing

From the New York Times, I’m Michael Barbaro. This is The Daily.  If you’re anything like me, almost all your working world knowledge is cultivated on a 45-minute morning commute to work listening to The Daily. The Daily is a NY Times-produced podcast that tackles current events 5 days a week. The Daily team pumps out deep-dive discussions into the political sphere, international...

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Send B2B Newsletters People Want To Open

If you are a human, every Tom, Dick, and Harry want you to subscribe to their newsletter.  In 2019, the average business email will receive 126 emails per day. How many of those 126 emails go unopened? If you’re like most of the population, a vast majority. Even with the sea of ignored emails, we all have a choice few ‘golden nugget’ B2B...

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Fear-Based Marketing: Send The Right Message

Marketing appeals to two basic human instincts: the production of pleasure and the avoidance of pain.  How do we use emotions to appeal to our audiences? These desires are what drive us to take most of our actions in our daily life. From an instinctual level, we eat food to avoid the discomfort of hunger. We talk to our friends to chase the good feeling of human connection. While...

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What Would Your Audience Tell You If You Asked?

Here’s a hint: they are probably already telling you. Customers value a two-way street for audience communication. This practice opens a conversation and people like to know they are heard. Besides the main point of understanding and relating to your customers, effective digital communication can: Increase the awareness of your brand, because it requires you to be active and available on...

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How To Introduce Agile Marketing Tactics To Your Business Strategy

Use Agile Marketing habits to improve your business procedures.  What is Agile Marketing?  At its core, Agile Marketing is a constant experimentation process. It supports tactical analysis of failure and widespread usage of successes, so it focuses on tracking all promotion efforts to identify repeatable wins. Is the Agile Marketing trend all hype? Many marketers don’t...

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Give Your Content an Extra Boost This Year

Dull content has no place in your marketing plan. You know to avoid lackluster, generic content but sometimes you’re running around and can’t devote a ton of energy into creating masterpieces. Well, this year, let’s all resolve to do our best to create content that’s better than the flood of inane and mediocre stuff flooding our inboxes and Facebook feeds. Because, let’s...

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Your Guide to Using Hashtags in the New Year

Fact: an Instagram post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than a post without any hashtags. Why? Because hashtags are powerful. They help your social posts reach a target audience. They attract followers to your brand. They increase engagement. They help develop a recognizable brand image. Why #hashtags are important: There’s a lot of daily content on social and hashtags...

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