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How your brand can establish a presence on TikTok

How your brand can establish a presence on TikTok In 2018, TikTok launched and quickly attracted millions of creative, young individuals and has shown no signs of slowing down since then. TikTok makes it easy for anyone to go viral – whether it be a cute puppy or a mom showcasing her best dance moves, there’s content on the app for everyone. If you are interested in changing your social media strategy,...

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How to React to Marketing Crazes: The 10th Man Rule

How to React to Marketing Crazes: The 10th Man Rule In a world where the newest craze seems pointless until it’s too late to join in, how do you choose the marketing risks you’re willing to take? Take TikTok – few people predicted at the beginning that the Chinese social network would attract the energy and attention of huge brand names. Then in what seemed overnight, this niche social media had...

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2020 Digital Marketing Trends

2020 Digital Marketing Trends  2020 is right around the corner… and also around that corner are some exciting (anxiety-inducing?) tweaks to your marketing strategy. A major theme to 2020 digital marketing trends comes from a shift in perspective from our audiences. We are seeing higher expectations in what our followers expect from us; both in our company and in our community. So, 2020 will be...

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2020 Marketing Trends: Are Engagement Metrics Dead?

2020 Marketing Trends: Are Engagement Metrics Dead? Many of us have experienced the following situation: you put money, time, and thought into a new social strategy or updated website. You anxiously twiddle our thumbs and get ready to watch our Google Analytics and Facebook insights to watch all the numbers and arrows light up like green Christmas lights. But instead, the unspeakable happens. You...

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B2B Marketing Trends

Hopefully you’re not too sick of all the trends and predictions blogs because I really like this infographic from Brafton and had to share it! Most of these probably won’t be surprising. You’ve heard terms like “personalization,” “automation,” and “AI” before and you might even already be implementing a few of these into your content marketing...

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