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Hey Marketers, Your Prospects Aren’t Goldfish

They say never read the comments, but I did. And for once, I didn’t regret it. I just came across this infographic from Wyzowl on the problem of shortening attention spans and how they affect marketing. It points to research which suggests that between 2000 and 2015, the average human attention span decreased from 12 seconds to 8.25 — down to roughly the average attention span of a goldfish....

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Your Future Customers are Culture Creators

We hear a lot about Millennials, and rightfully so: as the “youth of today” have graduated high school, gone to college, and begun entering the workforce, they’ve inspired a tidal wave of new media and pop culture trends. But what about the generation after the Millennials? Generation Z is the up-and-coming group of culture creators — they’re so up-and-coming that the...

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Should Your Environmental Non-Profit Brand Go Green?

Got rebranding on your mind? If so, you’re probably casting a critical eye on every graphic element your organization uses — right down to the colors. If the work you do is focused on helping the environment, then green just might already be one of your colors. In fact, it’s probably already one of your competitors’ colors, too. (Note: it may sound odd to say that nonprofits...

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Write A Value Proposition that Rises Above Your Competition

You already understand that a key part of marketing your business is highlighting its key benefits. But a bulleted list of benefits alone doesn’t sell anything. What sells is positioning yourself as the right choice. What sells is the promise that your business holds more inherent value than your competition does. This promise is called a value proposition. Ideally it should be very brief...

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Is Your Low-Contrast Design Costing You Clients?

Web design trends come and go. Do you remember the 2000s, when websites were textural? Backgrounds looked like torn paper in a scrapbook. Text tended to be blocky and bold. Call-to-action buttons were so glossy they looked wet. Drop shadows erupted in every direction, trying desperately to make graphic elements pop up off the page. A few years ago, designers decided that look was over, so they ran...

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Brands take a Stand: Social Justice Goes Viral

Recently, a video titled “Whistling at Your Mom” has been making the social rounds. Yes, you read that right. And no, they’re not talking an innocent tune. In the Spanish-language video, a woman representing boxing gear and sports apparel brand Everlast goes on a quest to eliminate sex offenders in Peru, starting with street harassers: “7 out of 10 women are sexually harassed...

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10 Key Features for Your Perfect Landing Page

More and more businesses are creating landing pages these days. And why not? A landing page is a perfect online marketing tool for targeted campaigns. By linking to it from social media, email newsletters, or advertisements, a marketer can effectively measure its success. And a successful landing page is one that generates visitors into actual sales or leads — that is, if you’re doing...

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Lessons in Brand Sentiment and Adaptation: Sherwin-Williams

Last year my spouse and I bought a real fixer-upper of a house, and one aspect of the fixing-up process involves coating every square inch in a fresh layer of paint. So every other weekend we make a trip to Sherwin-Williams for supplies, and every other weekend as we pull past the sign and into the lot I think: what the heck is going on with this logo? It turns out I’m not the only one who’s...

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Owning Your Online Reviews: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices (Part 2)

In Part 1 I talked about why online reviews are so important to your business and how to get started on review sites. Now it’s time to discuss how to get reviews and how to manage them. Getting reviews If you haven’t bothered to look at your review site pages until now, there’s a decent chance that users haven’t yet left much in the way of reviews. And if you find yourself...

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Owning Your Online Reviews: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices (Part 1)

Recently I extolled the virtues of online reviews for small businesses. Reviews are important for consumers, because they help sort out “good” businesses from “bad.” We’ve all had bad experiences with businesses; experiences we don’t care to repeat. And so more and more, we go online to read what others have had to say before the first visit. As much as a review...

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The Power and Value of Online Reviews

I’ve certainly done it, and I bet you have, too. You’re looking to try a different restaurant, or you’re in the market for a specific product or some new gear. So you go online and start searching for the type of business you want. Before you know it you’re scanning the ratings of all the stores in your area and scrolling through reviews. Once you’ve found one you like...

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The Rise of “Native Advertising”

We’ve heard of all types of advertising — but what the heck is native advertising? If you’ve never heard the term before, don’t worry: it’s only recently been widely adopted by the advertising community. But get ready to hear a lot more about it, because native advertising will define the next phase of our collective user experience online. What exactly is it? Well,...

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